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IHRA Anti-Semitism Definition – Clear Path to Tyranny – 1.6.18

Inside the Eye – Live! had a great start to the New Year as the show peered into the encroaching shenanigans of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, and international scoped Jewish NGO which uses their views of the mythical Holocaustâ„¢ as a focal point to impose specific forms of tyranny that target freedom of speech and freedom of association by invoking a “definition” of anti-Semitism and then imposing this definition onto governments as “writ of State” under which all people within these sovereign territories must obey and subjugate themselves to.

In a very real way, this is a global Jewish conspiracy to impose itself upon nation states with the sole purpose of suffocating political dissent and expression, a strategy which Jews, we presume, believe will prolong their control of Western governments.

The language adopted by the IHRA is nothing short of remarkable in its callous chutzpah, describing dissent to Jewish power as a “scourge”.  The IHRA then goes on and adds that Jews need specific governmental tools in order to fight this “scourge”.

The language used by Jews is remarkable in that it highlights Jewish hatred of political expression in the West and their firm desire to impose tyranny onto Western nations..

Additional phone calls added additional information regarding education and, in what was a bit of intrigue, a call from Lonnie in Canada who was speaking about the US Marines going into CIA headquarters to serve warrants (that was the rumor) and then the phone lines went completely dead.

One never can be sure, but dead phone lines from fixed lines rarely happen.

You can hear what was a great start to 2018 here.

ITEL Radio Full Show – 1.16.18