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Imposing Allegiance to Israel – ITEL Radio – 10.21.17

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, October 21, 2017, looked into the ever expanding demands by organized Jewry to impose a defacto allegiance to Israel in return for any US government or state, county, or municipal contracts.  The “allegiance to Israel” pacts, which take on the form of certification that someone supports the state of Israel through refusal to support nor participate in any boycotts or sanctions of Israel in return for receiving government aid or contracts, is just another example of the totalitarian, anti-Western “laws” being imposed upon citizens of America and “the West” and highlight the well the 5th column Israel first agenda of bought and paid for politicians in America and elsewhere.

Iraq’s recapture of Kirkuk oil fields headlined a look into current international geopolitics while listener calls returned, livening up the show with lots of listener insights.

Imposing Allegiance to Israel

As the state of Texas moves forward with cleaning up and rebuilding after the disastrous hit from Hurricane Harvey, the requirement that American citizens must pledge a defacto allegiance to the “state of Israel” emerged as cities as Dickinson demand that any citizen seeking rebuilding funds from the city must agree as part of the conditions of receiving city funds that said person has not, not will, engage in any boycott of Israel before or during the term for which the agreement to receive rebuilding funds from the city is in effect.

Never mind that making such demands upon a citizen of the United States is an egregious imposition by a foreign state on the citizen or that the very demand is an illegal (un-Constitutional) act, the very fact that such a clause exists in a municipal contract highlights the depth to which Jews have bored down into the political system and currently seek to impose allegiance to the State of Israel by citizens of the United States.

The clause demanding that American citizens pledge allegiance to the “state of Israel” was removed for private citizens, but private citizens who apply for rebuilding funds on behalf of their companies will still have to pledge allegiance to Israel.

From the Jerusalem Times:

The Dickinson City Council on Tuesday voted to remove a clause from a relief application that had drawn the ire of the American Civil Liberties Union and pro-boycott activists, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The city, located near Houston, put the requirement in the application in order to comply with a new state law, signed in May, that requires all state contractors to certify that they are not participating in boycotts of Israel.

During the meeting on Tuesday, the council created two different applications for contracting with the city: one for businesses and one for private citizens. Businesses will still have to certify that they do not participate in the anti-Israel boycott.

Jewish 5th columnists have engineered Israel allegiance clauses in some 21 states in the United States and have launched a federal government campaign to impose allegiance to Israel upon all Americans.   These legal “pledges of allegiance” can have “unforeseen” consequences as cities seek to impress their Jewish driven laws at the larger state and county levels.

State Rep. Phil King, the author of the state legislation, said last week that the law, which went into effect on Sept. 1, “in no way applies to the type of situation that happened in Dickinson.”

You can hear about this and, of course, so much more here:

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