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Independence USA, “Migrant” Invasion of EU, Greek Financial Crisis – ITEL Radio – 7.4.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for July 4, 2015 discussed Independence Day USA (July 4, 2015), the ongoing “African migrant” problems in France, LGBT targeting of children in Sweden, as well as the Greek Financial Crisis, Chinese Financial Crisis, and the usual diversions into language, reality perception management, and much more.

Independence Day, USA – July 4, 2015


Independence Day, 2015 in the United States arrived on Saturday, which means that the United States was expecting an extended holiday beginning on Friday as government and most businesses outside of retail and public safety shut down for the holiday. According to the Automobile Association of American (AAA), this years American holiday, which begins for reporting purposes on July 1, and ends on July 5, 2015, will see over 41.6 million Americans hitting the roads in trips of 50 miles or more, and much of that by vehicle.

In Florida alone, over 2 million Americans were expected to “hit the roads”.

From Boston, to Nashville, Philadelphia to Lake Tahoe, and pretty much across the United States, Americans in the millions were expected to be treated to barbecues, picnics, live music, and of course, the tried and true fireworks display.

The optimum phrase for all this ritual is this: fire works.

African “Migrants” Shut Down Euro Tunnel, Thousands Stranded


Rail freight traffic via the Euro Tunnel (Chunnel) that links the northern French port city of Calais with England was halted due to over 150 African “migrants” attempting to breach the Euro Tunnel in an effort to board England bound freight trains.

This latest event comes after the death of an Ethiopian man who was killed while attempting to jump onto a moving a train.

In addition, some 3000 African “migrants” are camping out in Calais, creating chaos and extremely unsafe conditions for Europeans. The situation has become so difficult that British foreign service announcements have instructed British drivers who need to use this area to make sure their doors are locked and to be wary of their surroundings.

It is being said that some 1000 “migrants”, most of whom come from Afghanistan, Syria, and Eritrea, are being pull off of tractors daily.

Dan Cook, operations director of Europa Worldwide Group, a transport, distribution and logistics firm, said “marauding mobs” were effectively halting British trade to the continent.

He said: “We have had vehicles on the motorway in broad daylight being surrounded by marauding mobs racing around, opening doors, cutting trailers, climbing into the back.

“We have experienced quite a bit of theft and damage to customers’ products. You’re looking at not only the damage to equipment but also claims from customers as well.source

Economic damage to English agriculture has been estimated at over US$15 million dollars, and damage to vehicles and individual freight containers and their contents adds quite a bit more.

Keith Vaz, Britain’s Home Affairs Select Committee Chairman, visited Calais to meet with Calais’ deputy mayor, Philippe Mignonet, to discuss the problem.

“”They need to make sure that when they find the migrants, they are finger-printed, they are processed and therefore they are then returned to their country of origin. That is the only way to deal with this issue.”

Such an obvious solution is not happening. Worse, French police seem to largely being doing nothing, allowing the migrants to terrorize commercial interests in the area.

For their part, a Eurotunnel spokesperson is quoted as saying, “Eurotunnel reiterates its call to the authorities to provide a solution to the migrant crisis and restore order to the Calais region.

The spokesperson seems to not have gotten the memo that the Kalergi Plan, the forced immigration and assimilation of Europeans peoples in an effort to destroy Western Europe is in full swing now and is the order of the day.

LGBT Targeting Children in Sweden (and beyond)


In a story that really goes back to the middle of June but is just starting to get exposure in the West, an LGBT activist/teacher forced some 120 children to attend an LGBT parade in Gothenbur, Sweden.

The attendance of the children to the parade, which is an adult themed event with sexual deviants parading through the streets of Gothenburg half naked, brought the usual protests, but little more. The children, toddlers less than five, were even instructed what to say when prompted but the teacher.

The children were told to say the slogan “who are you allowed to love – whoever you want”. When asked about why the daycare children were made to attend the event the daycare teacher Sara Ghazi said:

“We talk every day about human equality and that it doesn’t matter what sexuality or skin colour one has.”

Yes. The Jewish promoted LGBT community is this deviant.

What this obvious assault on Western culture means is that Nationalist forces have every incentive to rise and throw out these people from their midst, for clearly what is happening is a predatory force has come to take root in the halls of social structures within Sweden (and beyond).

All of this, and much more, including some observations about the Greek Debt Crisis and referendum, Greece’s leadership role in European gold production (owned ultimately by Israel), and various “conspiracies” surrounding events in Greece.

You can here the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 7.4.15