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Inside the Eye – Live! – 8.12.17

Inside the Eye – Live! for August 12, 2017 was perhaps, according to some long time listeners, one of the fastest speaking shows that The Fetch has ever done.  I am not sure if that is true, but giving the show a listen showed indeed, Fetch was speaking pretty darn fast.  In what was a fully booked “guest show”, with Brendon O’Connell from Isolate but Preserve appearing in hour 2, and Miriam Al-Fatah from Libya Against Superpower Media appearing in hour 3, the show proved to be quite entertaining and loaded with information.

Having to go up against the “Unite the Right” march in Charlottesville, the show seemed to have a reduced chat and listener base, but still held its own in the Saturday morning slot.

The show featured the debut of our new sponsor for the Oy Vey Moment, Wehrwolf Radio and

The Invasion of Spain

In the first hour the show highlighted some developments in the ongoing invasion of Europe from Africa.  The storming of the Spanish territory of Cueta on the tip of northern coast of Africa and bordering Morocco and subsequent closing of the border by Spain, plus the almost surreal scene of watching an inflatable boat filled with close to three dozen sub-Saharan migrants land on a south facing beach of Spain while Spanish sunbathers watched on in disbelief was offset by Italy’s refusal to allow an NGO ship to make a port of call in Italy while across the Mediterranean Sea, a Libyan Coast Guard patrol boat fired warning shots at an NGO ship looking to traffic more humans into Europe.

It is clear that tensions regarding the “migrant crisis” is starting to heat up on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea, and Soros’s NGO’s are front and center in enabling the human trafficking that is seeing tensions rise throughout the Mediterranean region.

Brendon O’Connell, Defeating Hate Speech Charges and Accusations

Brendon O’Connel joined in hour 2 to discuss his experiences with the court system in Australia regarding being charged and prosecuted under ludicrous “hate speech” laws.  On this issue, Brendon gave many sound and rational ideas as to how to handle the oft (fraudulently) lobbed charges of “hate speech”.  What Brendon focused on is the idea of “intent” of speech and presenting that intent with rational arguments against Jewish power and domination in the West.

Of course, courts often are not interested in logic and reason when discussing and prosecuting these “laws”, as the laws themselves are more Communist era Bolshevisim than something becoming of a modern Western civilization, but that is another story.

Miriam Al-Fatah and the Destruction of Libya

In hour 3, Miram Al-Fatah from Libya Against Superpower Media came on to discuss the many competing interests who would could have been, and probably were at work, in helping bring down Moamar Qaddafi and the destruction of Libya as a functioning state. Key players like Qatar and Al Jazeera were especially singled out, as we the Italians and the French. Jewish tribes in Sirte, competing governments, an insurrection fully enabled by NATO and Western air power all came into play in this fascinating look into Libya.

This interview introduces the listener to the many intrigues that was and is the Libyan state, from the CIA installed Qadaffi to efforts to bring a bedouin people from the desert sands into the first world.

A great listen.  You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 8.12.17

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