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Inside the Eye – Live! in Prime Time! – Thursday, 8.3.17

Inside the Eye – Live! and Revolution Radio have agreed to air a special Inside the Eye – Live! segment on Thursday, August 3, 2017.  The show will play under the new “What’s Behind the Curtain” segment from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m Eastern (USA) and will be a two hour show, but of course will maintain the same editorial content as is run on the Saturday morning show.

Inside the Eye – Live!’s chat room will be open and the show is expected to be a solo show.  Use all the usual links you use for listening to the Saturday show, or visit the Listen page for all available listening links.

Looking forward to having you in the audience!  Phone lines will be open as always.

Show Wrap-Up

From a “behind the mic” point of view, it seemed odd to be broadcasting live at 6 p.m. EDT. The audience “feels” different. Nonetheless, after a brief introduction of who is behind and what Inside the Eye – Live! is all about, and subsequent to some minor but intrusive technical difficulties, the show got into a good groove with an extensive discussion on laws being put forward by Jews in an effort to hinder a discussion of agendas like mass immigration by host populations. Namely, the discussion revolved around continued efforts to hit home at the need to advance political interests in opposition to interests to Jewish interests, which are by and large anti-Western and intended to destroy Western civilization. In addition, there was a discussion on the rather absurd legal “logic” of “anti-Semitism” and passage of “definitions of anti-Semitism”, which highlights the tyrannical essence of Jewish political projection.

Being in “prime time”, and addressing an existing audience, as opposed to the fantastic audience which comes to listen to Inside the Eye – Live! every Saturday morning, it appeared that many in the audience did not necessarily “approve” of the Inside the Eye – Live! message. However, there was a vocal interest to return and do another show, and we intend to do just that, doing another Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time show on Thursday, August 10. The show should be an even better effort as Inside the Eye – Live! eases into a prime time slot.

This show technically fell behind the Revolution Radio’s “Who’s Behind the Curtain” show, and as such, delays in preparing the audio file for distribution. It is available here and at Grizzom’s. You can hear the entire show here:

Inside the Eye – Live! – Prime Time – 8.3.17