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Inside the Eye – Live! – Prime Time – 8.10.17

Inside the Eye – Live! will be broadcasting in prime time, from 6 p.m – 8 p.m. EDT (USA GMT -5).  This will be the second airing of Inside the Eye – Live! – Prime Time.  The show will air on Inside the Eye – Live!’s flagship station, Revolution Radio @

We are currently exploring expanding Inside the Eye-Live! into one or two weekly nights, and the available “prime time” slots on Revolution Radio present intriguing possibilities.

Listening Options

For all listening options, visit our Listen page or click the “LISTEN” link on the right side bar.

This show will feature a new listener participation line which is USA 1 (323) 275-1314.  Inside the Eye – Live!’s chatroom will be open.

Join us for what should be a very quick 2 hours of intelligent media for the politically aware and check back here for show wrap-up details and show archive audio file.

Show Wrap-up

The EU’s “Egg Scandal”, where millions of eggs and products manufactured from same, like sandwiches and salads, led off the show. This story was followed up with highlighting the recent storming and over-running of Spain’s Cueta border crossing with Morocco, at the tip of the Straits of Gibraltar, followed up this week with the literal storming of a Southern facing Spanish beach by some 30 + sub-Saharan Africans in an inflatable rubber dinghy all made show highlights. Italy’s refusal to allow NGO ships to dock, along with a Libyan Coast Guard firing of warning shots at a human trafficking NGO ship, added more depth to the ongoing invasion of Europe from Africans.

The above map for just one single NGO shows the depth of the conspiracy and ongoing funding available to aid and abet the invasion of Europe by sub-Saharan Africans.

Additional story lines: Oppression under the philosophy of “inclusion and tolerance”, Syria’s over-running of Western backed fighters along Jordan’s border. Quite a bit more.





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