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Inside the Eye – The Original Podcasts Re-Released!

“Inside the Eye – The Original Podcasts” are the precursor podcasts to the “Inside the Eye – Live!” live streaming media talk show. Inside the Eye was a podcast that was targeted as a companion to The Illuminatus Observor, the qaballistic work on the English language as taught by “The Fetch”, whereas “Inside the Eye – Live!” is targeted at the political/current events market.

By reader and listener request, we are happy to make these podcasts once again available.

You can find these podcasts here:

Inside the Eye – The Original Podcasts

A Brief History on the Isisian Codes and the Illuminatus Observor

The Illuminatus Observor launched in July of 2007.  By the end of 2007 and a lot of articles from the presentations presented during the late 1990’s to mid 2000’s were put down at the Illuminatus Observor as a means to preserve the information while it was still “fresh in my mind”.  Mind you, the information had already been presented in numerous forums.

The original chronicling  of the Isisian Codes was presented in some long forgotten forums at the very end and turn of the century, back in the “dial up days” when Napster was still running wild and the music business was just learning about the changes in distribution that was about to alter the music landscape forever. had yet to be launched, and the”Tech Bubble” was in full bloom and had yet to collapse.

The first large forum where the Isisian Codes was presented and welcomed was Ask a Witch Community.  The owner, a young Jewish gal, seemed to take a liking to the material and graciously requested that the information be allowed to be presented on the side bar of her community (which I believe was originally hosted on a Microsoft community).  This was accepted and the information was featured at the community for a number of years until a run in with a Noahidist rabbi entered to write about Noahidist Kabballah.

Needless to say, the two philosophies clashed, and the flame wars that ensued meant that the non-Jew had to go. I was subsequently banned.  My material ran on the side bar for a number of years subsequent until removed at my request.

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