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Insights on the Jewish Question – Andrew Joyce – 7.29.17

Andrew Joyce, contributor to The Occidental Observer, appeared on Inside the Eye – Live! for a contemporary look at the aeonic issue known as “The Jewish Problem” or “The Jewish Question”. A couple phone calls interspersed within the interview made for an insightful, somewhat spicy segment. Many issues were discussed including Jews pathologizing criticism of their policies and culture and constant deflection from valid stereotypes attributed to Jews were two primary areas of discussion.

Pathologizing “Dissent”


The interview began with a discussion of the observable phenomena of Jews constantly pathologizing any dissent, criticism, or observation regarding Jews and their cultures.  Jewish attempts to paint criticism of their policies as some form of “disease” is inherently insidious, leaving the target of Jewish smear tactics often wounded, isolated, and susceptible to being destroyed in both public and private spheres.

This “pathologizing” of dissent remains one of the primary weapons Jews use to prevent any erosion of their power or illumination of their agenda which largely tends to target Western nations and their cultural cohesion.

Raising mass awareness of this tactic, and its ultimate smashing, remains a primary need in the battle against Jewish subversion in the West where unsuspecting audiences and targets should come to a realization that often Jews simply project their failures and inadequacies upon their competitors in an attempt to sabotage any competition towards Jewish hegemony.

The whole of this part of the battle against Jewish hegemony is a vicious circle, where Jews create the very conditions necessary where “anti-Semitism” exists: what Jews understand, and what our masses need to realize, is that “anti-Semitism” is simply a counter-acting force against Jewish hegemony and hence we should deny Jews the right and ability to define this aspect of the struggle.

Those who scream “anti-Semite” are simply totalitarian aliens in our midst who wish to impose a Jewish agenda over and against our own interests.

Deflecting from Long Held Stereotypes

Another key aspect to understanding the Jewish question is a realization that first, we are dealing with an “aeonic” issue, one that the West has been dealing with since Jews and Europeans first began to intermingle, but also there is a need for a growing awareness to the tactics used by Jews to obfuscate and deflect from the very real nature of their efforts that target (unsuspecting) European natives.

Of particular note is the issue of money lending. Jews are often accused of providing one level of “lending services” to non Jews, while within their own ethnic market, often lend to each other under wholly different terms and conditions: interest for the Goy, non-interest for fellow Jews.

Andrew discussed the most recent example of Jewish predatory lending practices with the advent of paycheck money lending practices, where annual percentage rates can reach as high as 1000%. Much of this industry is funded by and advanced by Jewish interests wherein predatory practices of Jews are on full display even in our modern times.

So while Jews tell us that the stereotypes are just “irrational bigotry” “motivated by hatred”, the facts are clear as day: with Jewish groups strategies remains a predatory force, and their willingness to shackle lesser fortunate souls into mountains of onerous debt while hiding the Jewish nature of this debt remains a reality that Jews simply cannot hide from.

After all, Jews still need to explain why we Western nations should be paying Jews money (in interest) simply to create money that we require for our productive interests that have absolutely nothing to do with Jews and their parasiticism.

For fans of Andrew Joyce, you will like this interview. For those getting introduced to Andrew Joyce, you will find him very thoughtful and worth further exploration. You can hear the entire interview here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Andrew Joyce – 7.29.17

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