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Internet Website Shutdowns – Trolls in the Halls of Power – ITEL Radio – 8.26.17

Americans. The world has a love hate relationship with you. Many, rightfully, despise what has been and is being done in “your name”. Little the average American can about those things: criminal acts conducted in violation of international law are things the plebes are too low on the pecking order to be be given a say. Of course, in the case of the plebes, an uneducated plebe voicing opinions and solutions at complex national and international political and economic decisions is not much more rational than a gambler at a horse race who has studied nothing of the horses involved, let alone having insights into who is going to be throwing what race to make sure that the chosen horse of the day is going to make some hay.

But all of this not withstanding, the elitist idea that the “plebes” should have no say, or worse, should have no means of educating themselves, is an idea which must be fought off an destroyed without mercy. Since the days of Athens, our Western construction has been based around the idea of citizens coming together to discuss important issues of the day, seek compromise or consensus, and then move forward, reasonably united, so that our cultures and societies may advance and move forward.

It is this “1st Amendment Right”, this primary of all rights, that the founders of the United States enshrined as a testament and a beacon to aid in the elevation of mankind above the chaos and madness of the Typhonian forces below. Yet the world, being made as it is from impure and corrupting forces, cannot but help to find that any of its ideals originally founded for the purpose of raising mankind up, can also be used to tear down society and submerge it below the waves of Reason.

Thus we see at all times that the forces of Typhon use the inherent ideal of “free speech” to destroy the very essence of the ideal of “free speech”, twisting and turning the meanings of words into such a convoluted morass that few grasp what is and is not “real” and “reality”.

Destroying the ideal and purpose, the very essence, of free speech is, however, simply a step by Typhonian forces on the way to the total elimination of “free speech”. We have entered into this latest and most dangerous phase for America, the willful attempt to deny and destroy free speech once and for all. In this, the world holds its breath, for if America and Americans are submerged below the waves, the ensuing tsunami will spread a darkness across the West the likes have not been seen since the days of Jewish Bolshevik crimes against White Russians during the 20th century.

Inside the Eye – Live! for August 26th looked at tactics employed by anti-Semite trolling gangs in the early days of the Internet and how these attitudes and actions find themselves front and center to the current assault on Nationalist websites and increasing assaults and destruction of civilization.

ITEL Radio Full Show – 8.26.17

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