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ITEL 8.18.2012 – Lonmin Mine Massacre and Ramadan Food Waste

It is the “Dog Day’s of Summer” and Inside the Eye – Live! took some time to delve into odd topics of interest – food, S. African labor strife, and some latest Syrian updates.

Some “producer induced technical difficulties” started the show (like forgetting to take the mic off of mute), but the chat room, as always, was quick to point it out. Unfortunately, I did not catch the error until the first segment was about done, so skip the first 4 minutes or so.

Still A pretty insightful and entertaining show. You can listen to it here:

Ramadan Food Waste – A Measurable Sign of Opulance?

Inside the Eye – Live!, broadcasting as it does from Amman, Jordan, is immersed in Muslim and Jordanian traditions and cultures. It is not to say that Jordanian and Islamic/Muslim cultures are “identical”: indeed, that different countries exist in the Middle East mirrors for the large part the multiple mainstream cultures within the geographic regions.

That does not mean that the borders as crafted were and are “perfect”. The Kurds could easily have been given their own land – locked country, for instance, but that would have meant breaking pieces away from Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Armenia, to name a few.

What does seem to be a universal trend in “Arabic/Muslim” cultures is the large waste of food during the period of Ramadan, or the month of “fasting and reflection”. Whereby Ramadan is meant to be a holiday of frugality and piety, it has turned into a period of cultural gluttony. It is reflected in the large volumes of food wasted at restaurants and homes across the Arab world.

For those not familiar, Muslim faithfuls are required to fast from sun-up to sun-down, with a special prayer offered at sun-down which signals the “a – ok” to eat. Often this is done with the eating of a date or two, often told with stories about how the Prophet Muhammad recommended such and how the date is filled with so many beneficial nutrients for the body fresh from a period of fasting.

Then the meal begins in a flurry.

Kipp Report reports that, “During the first week of Ramadan, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia had all released reports of hundreds of people admitted to the Emergency Unit for overeating in a rush.

The worst element of Ramadan, however, remains the wasted food. In the UAE, the Municipality of Dubai reported that nearly 500 tons were wasted every day in Abu Dhabi during the 2010 Ramadan holiday, while an addition 1850 tons of food was wasted every day in Dubai during the same period.

Indeed, the relative prosperity of the GCC nations translates into the largest per capita waste of food worldwide, with a per capita volume of nearly 2 KG per day, compared to 200 grams per capita for the least wealthy of nations.

Efforts are underway to move the trend of food wastage downward, but government and industry representatives have a very long, difficult task ahead. A restaurant in Saudi Arabia made headlines this year for fining those who wasted food from the Iftar buffet, but this is a very small step, and government representatives have no way to peer behind the closed doors of the private residence.

Public awareness is the only option here. The Abu Dhabi government has initiated a “Think Before You Waste” public awareness campaign this year (2012), but the path to food consumption rationalism is a long ways off throughout much of the Muslim world.

The Lonmin Mine Massacre

South African labor strife made it into the mix at Inside the Eye – Live! with an analysis of the weeks Lonmin Mining Massacre.

In brief, Lonmin is the third largest platinum mining company worldwide. It’s name was changed in 2000 from Lonrho to Lonmin. Lon is for London and Rho is for Rhodesia. The original company was registered in 1909 and one of the primary shareholders is part of the Rothschild global tentacle. These name changes have had the effect of hiding the previous, darker, history of Lonrho, but based on events of this past year, the ruthless Rothschild Talmudic culture is very much prevalent and pervasive in Lonmin LLC management.

Essentially, Lonmin is a British Rothschild asset. It has throughout its history a murky link to British Intelligence and the State of Israel, two countries of which are instrumental in the flexing of global Rothschild interests. Playing varying sides off against each other is an activity that Mossad and Talmudic England, in its desire to sew control through confusion, is expert at doing.

The current labor strife in S. Africa is no different.

In this case, there are two competing labor unions: the NUM (National Union of Miners) is the incumbent union, but stands accused by many of being too close to Lonmin and the ANC central government, and by extension, is selling out the workers to enrich Lonmin and ANC coffers, as well as their own. The upstart union, garnering over 20% membership at present (30% is needed for certification), is the AMCU, or the Accociation of Mineworkers and Construction Union.

Pay raises being sought by some trades within amount to a near 250% increase, from US$673 to over US$1500, so there is a long ways between company and labor parties.

Prior to the massacre of 34 mining workers on Thursday, Aug 16, 2012, 2 Lonmin private security guards were torched (lit on fire) and killed, and 2 policeman were killed. 10 protesting miners were also killed.

Labor stikes have been off and on for some months, beginning early in 2012, and now, no end is in sight.

Lonmin LLC has lost over US$644 million in shareholder value, while platinum is poised to increase.

This is an issue where the nationalization of a Rothschild asset would benefit the people and drive another stake into the ruthless heart of the Rothschild family empire.