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ITEL 8.25.2012 – Imran Hosein, Islamic Scholar

With the end of Ramadan, 2012, what better time to introduce Imran Hosein to Inside the Eye – Live!? For those not familiar with Imran Hosein, Imran is a leading Islamic scholar and former official with the Trinidad and Tobago Foreign Service. His immersion into the West via his 12 years spent in New York, his education in geopolitics and international finance provide Imran with a unique perspective on global political realities. His views of current events as viewed through Islamic eschatology provided for a fascinating and entertaining show.

You can listen to the show in its entirety here:

The Arab Spring – A Trap for Arab Societies

Since the Arab Spring is a project in International Jewry, spearheaded by Israel firsters in the United States government, it is naive to believe that the “Arab Spring” is a wholly benevolent project meant to establish “democracy” in the Arab world.

As has been noted, if the Jewish crafted “Arab Spring” were designed for benevolent purposes, American policy makers would be clamoring to enforce “democracy” in Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Of course, this is not something that we see happening.

Imran Hosein concurs and believes that the Arab Spring, being designed by International Jewish interests, is a dual edged sword to strike at Arab societies. In the way of Libya, the Arab Spring has resulted in the deaths of many tens of thousands at the hands of NATO and Western regime militias. The infrastructure of Libya has been turned back perhaps by decades. Death squads and revenge killings are now rampant. Women’s right and education are now in serious jeopardy.

Egypt is now surrounded by Israeli interests on all four sides: Sudan, Libya, NATO naval forces, and Israel.

Syria has been inundated with arms and foreign fighters all too eager to spread mayhem simply because they can. German intelligence has reported on the what appears to be a Jewish inspired “massacre marketing strategy” wherein foreign insurgents massacre towns in the dozens and the Jewish controlled media reports these massacres as being the product of the Syrian government.

Many of those rising into positions of power are not really “democracy” minded people.

It is Imran’s view that the purpose of the Arab Spring is to infiltrate Arab societies with Islamic extremists who, having consolidated power, will then turn their guns and militant ideology towards Israel. In so doing, America will be brought into war against Islamic governments and in the process, brought into a situation where Israel will be “forced” to aid the American forces.

The point is to reveal to the world that it is Israel that rules America and the world, and the process of the Arab Spring is to expedite this underlying reality.

Protestant Islam and the Dangers of Christian Jewish Alliances

Imran’s view of Qu’ran is unique among Islamic scholars. In Imran’s view, Qu’ran “anticipates” the rise of a Christian-Jewish alliance, yet maintains that this alliance is an unnatural alliance in that within traditional Christian doctrine, it was “the Jews” who murdered manifested “God himself”.

His primary point is warn against taking as ones friends “those Jews” and “those Christians” who have formed an alliance, and it is this alliance that is at the core of meaning in otherwise “anti-Christian” teachings. It is not “Christians” who should be shunned by Islam, but it is those Christians who have formed an alliance with Jews.

This is the current “Jewish/Christian Zionist” alliance, and it is from this alliance wherein lies the dangers to Islam and Islamic societies.

According to Imran, the “Wahabists”, or the religious faction in control of Saudi Arabia, who has at the core formed a firm alliance with the Jewish/Christian alliance. Since “Wahabists” comes with negative connotations, this name has been changed to the term “Salafists”.

The Hermetic maxim of words ascribing themselves to “the Thing” might take note in the FISTS of SALAFISTS, but that is another story.

The point is that Salafists, having aligned themselves with the Jewish/Christan Zionist alliance, are equated in Imran’s philosophy as “Protestant Muslims”, a condition that is accompanied by a lack of spiritual insights and thinking and hence an inability to create truly inspired spiritual works, be it poetry, art, or other forms of spiritual expression.

Islamic Eschatology – The Heart of Imran’s Insights

Imran spoke at length regarding eschatology, or “End of Times” beliefs. In this regard, Imran states that Islam believes in the return of “Jesus, the son of Mary”. Imran believes that this time is near, perhaps within 25 years.

It is through eschatology that Imran believes that the Arab Spring must be viewed.

Within Islamic eschatology, it is believed that Constantinople must be conquered, and it is Turkey’s miscalculations via an alliance with Israel/Christian Zionists via Turkey’s policy in Syria that will create the conditions for the “Protestant Islam” regime in Ankara to be “overthrown” and Constantinople re-conquered.

Within Islamic eschatology is the idea of an alliance with Rum (pronounced Room). According to Imran, “Rum in the Qur’an is easy to identify. It is the ‘Eastern Orthodox Christian Church’; which had established the Byzantine Empire with Constantinople as its capital…”

Since the Eastern Orthodox Church was defeated at Constantinople, its headquarters is now Russia and so there is to be some form of alliance with Russia, and hence Russia’s stance as regards Syria falls into Imran’s view of Islamic eschatology.

Imran provided a well articulated and entertaining interview that delved in these and many more areas.

The show is surely worth a listen. You can download it [here].