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ITEL 8.4.2012 – Missing Patrons, Militant Homosexuals, and Missing Princes

The Saturday, August 4, 2012 “Inside the Eye – Live!” proved to be a fast paced and energetic show. The show began with an analysis of the seeming boycott of the Zion 2012 Olympic Games. It seems that many who had tickets to the British Zion Olympic Games of 2012 are simply not interested in coming.

Of course, with the constant promotion of “terror and security” as the main theme for the British Zion 2012 Olympic Games, who can blame anyone for not wanting to attend. Indeed, there should be a total global boycott of an Olympic games held in London. London is, after all, the center of current global financial banking syndicate. The rules of the “money game” in London are designed to encourage the proliferation of hypothecated money that is used to impoverish people the world over.

Attending the British Zion 2012 Olympics would be as to reward the city for harboring the hardest of the hard core financial terrorists that operate world wide.

Of course, the “logo” for “2012” could not have been designed to be uglier. A poor attempt to encrypt “ZION”.  Jewish interests (ZION), hiding under the British flag, promoting a “peaceful Olympics theme” under the taglines of “terror and security for all”, is hardly a great marketing promotion.   It is no wonder that venues are empty and they should remain so, a visible reminder of the need for the rejection of the bankrupt policies of the “Jewish war on terror”.

Militant Homosexuals

It is not often, indeed, rare, rare indeed, that you will find me in agreement with the likes (and lunacies) of a Sarah Palin or Mike Palin, but indeed that is precisely what happened this weekend. I kept seeing the name “Chick Fil A” come up in various web pages as surfed for tangy news bites.

I finally bit into a “Chick Fil A” story and was I sure glad I did.

The gest of this story was really quite simple.

The CEO of Chick Fil A is a devout Christian. I see no problem with that. But to many in the Jewish community, and especially as one ventures into “the Elite” of Jewish social and political structures, there is and remains a big problems with “Christians”.

You see, some “Christian morals” are diametrically opposed to “Jewish morals”. The debate between the two is often cloaked under crypto-flags. One of these crypto-flags is “militant homosexuality”, and Jewish organs, like CNN, will do whatever they feel is important to advance and promote this viral form of Jewish militancy (militant homosexuality).

Seems the issue is that many in the Jewish media community, which Mike Huckabee referred to as “militant homosexuals”, took issue with what the CEO of Chick Fil A had to say. The CEO, Cathy (last name), simply stated that it is his position that the institution of marriage constitutes an arrangement between and man and a wife.

He never mentioned “gays”, and the interview within which was the focus of the raging debate never mentioned “gays” either, but CNN and its army of militant homosexual support outlets turned this into a “Christian anti-gay agenda”. Soon, as is often the case in dealing with militant Judaism, calls were broadcast for a total boycott of Chick Fil A.

Huckabee called this correct. Calling for a boycott of someones business because they dare to state their opinion and moral beliefs is a form of economic warfare by one group against another. The very principle is so anti-America, but it is indeed VERY JEWISH.

Calls for a “Chick Fil A Appreciation Day” by Huckabee were met with an overwhelming response. Stores filled up, lines extended out the doors, and sometimes around the block. People waited for hours to show appreciation.

In response, militant homosexuals called for a “Chick Fil A Kiss In”, with gay activists and militants taking photos “kissing in front of Chick Fil A restaurants.

Neither side showed a clear focus on the main issue: that “militant homosexuality” is but an extension of Jewish control dynamics, and in this case, it is clear that Jewish control dynamics failed.

With sales bursting records for Chick Fil A, the success pointed to another maxim. If you believe you are right, do not shy away from voicing your opinion.

In the case of CEO Cathy from Chick Fil A, it is clear that he has been rewarded beyond his expectation, that that he was expecting to be rewarded. What he was clearly expecting was to not be threatened or intimidated by Jewish extremists groups for simply stating his moral opinion, an opinion he is clearly entitled to.

This story is a victory for moral fiber and turpitude.

Where is Prince Bandar?

Prince Bandar, the newly appointed head of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief.

The story goes something like this:

On July 17, a bombing in Damascus kills the Defense Minister and Intelligence Chief of Syria. Four other high ranking (generals) security officials would later succumb to injuries in the blast.

On July 18, Prince Bandar, whose nickname is Bandar Bush due to his long time association with the Bush family, is promoted to intelligence chief.

On July 26, an explosion is reported outside a building in Riyadh that houses offices of Saudi Arabia’s Intelligence services. The blast is quickly hushed off the main stream media and is sanitized from the Internet. Rumored killed as a deputy to Prince Bandar.

As time goes by, Prince Bandar continues to not be present in public. He is missing. Voltaire Network “unofficially confirms” that Prince Bandar has been assassinated.

Prince Bandar was one of the architects of Saudi Arabia’s “Syria regime change” policy, and his close association with the United States makes his support for “US policy” unsurprising.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Prince Bandar has gone missing. He was also missing from 2008 – 2010.

You can hear this very fast paced and entertain show [here].