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ITEL – Prime Time – 2.15.18 – Fallout from F-16I Shootdown

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! for Thursday, discussed the ongoing situation in Syria after the Syrian shoot down of an Israel F16-I.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s being investigated by Israeli authorities for three different corruption cases, and how the United States, a Jewish run mafia, is in bed with the elite of Israel, itself perhaps the global head of Jewish criminal syndicate operations were additional topics of discussion.

Following the shoot down of an Israel F-16I by Syrian Air Defense forces, rumors of Putin calling Netanyahu and warning Netanyahu of further escalation between Israel and Syria.

The early reporting of the Parkland, Florida psy-op made its way into the story wherein it was highlighted that within the United States, it has become abundantly obvious that the United States as a nation does not have a viable internal intelligence force able and capable of protecting the American people from violence enacted by rogue elements within US government agencies.

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time!