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ITEL Radio 2.22.14 – Ukraine Falls – Zezorro

Riot police storms barricade of proteste

Inside the Eye – Live! was ahead of the curve on the recent developments surrounding the Western (Neocon) shakedown of the Ukraine. With guest “Zezorro” from, ITEL Radio for Saturday, February 22, 2014 consisted of an in-depth analysis of events surrounding the fall of Ukraine to Neocon foreign policy efforts.

Some of the points of the unfolding story within the Ukraine were raised during the ITEL 2.22.2014 show included:

Western/Israeli Neocon Involvement in the Takedown of Ukraine


One of the primary under currents to the Ukraine shakedown is the involvement of Jewish organs within the United States State Department. Jewish control of much of the United States State Department is a recurring point raised on Inside the Eye – Live! The primary backers of the Ukraine take down have been those elements associated with “the Israeli Project”, or “the Neocons”.

One of the ringleaders of the Jewish centric State Department is Victoria Nuland. Married to prominant Neocon Robert Kagan, she has been instrumental in the meddling of internal Ukraine politics, bragging rather openly that she had spend nearly US$5 billion dollars to bring “Ukraine into the future that it deserves.” Just what it is that “Ukraine deserves” has never really been asked, but by all indications, what Ukraine deserves is a slavish subservience to Western (IMF) banking interests.

With the Western powers installing Arseniy “Yats” Yatsenyuk as Interim Prime Minister, the favored choice of the Neocon/Israel centric Victoria Nuland, indeed, Ukraine appears to be being set up for ruin. In an article titled, “Washington’s Man Yatsenyuk Setting Ukraine Up For Ruin”, the digital publication arm of Forbes proposed just such a scenario. “Yats” is considered to be is pro-IMF and backs Greek style austerity. It appears that the bulk of the now existing Kiev Parliament agrees with “Yats”, and so the a presumption exists that Nuland and her gang have been working for the destruction of Ukraine.

Snipers are Maidan Killers


Another rather obvious reality was the manner in which the Yanukovich government was overthrown. Rather than use external armies, Ukraine was overthrown via internal extremists minorities backed by foreign force. The Maidan movement proved itself to be extremely violent and uncompromising. Firsly, the Western-backed Maidan was active in behind the scenes intimidation of anti-Maidan protesters. According to the story in Forbes,

Deputy Chairman of the Party of Regions in Rivne, Alla Ivoylovoy, said that “armed masked youths burst into the homes” of the party’s members, demanding a list of activists who “participated in the so-called anti-Maidan protest, threatening physical violence and arson of houses.”

In addition, the Communist Party offices, a political group closely linked to Yanukovich, we set afire as well as reports from the Volyn region in western Ukraine that the prosecutors office and members of the Party of Regions in the adjacent Rovno region were being pressured to resign.

Add these events plus the massive acts of violence against unarmed policemen, wherein many unarmed police were lit on fire and killed.

It all culminated in a final orgy of violence where snipers hit protesters and security officials alike, with deliberate shots to either the head, heart, or major arteries. With recent leaks of phone conversations pinning the sniper fire on the Maidan movement, any pretenses that the Maidan movement is really a democratic, popular uprising rapidly evaporate.

Tymoshenko Returns

Tymoshenko Returns - source "The Guardian"

Tymoshenko Returns – source “The Guardian”

Before the ink was even dry on the transition agreement signed between the Ukraine government and the Maidan movement and brokered by the Polish, German, and French foreign ministers, Maidan protesters effected the total takeover of the Ukraine government in Kiev. As Zezorro stated, he believed that Tymoshenko would be the leader of choice. Before the show could even finish, Tymoshenko had been released from prison and was soon to arrive in Kiev.

All of these story lines and more proved to be an interesting and entertaining show for February 22, 2014.

You can hear the entire show here:

You can catch the Zezorro interview here:

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