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ITEL Radio 2.8.14 – Geo-engineered Snow, Sochi Olympics, and M.E. Round


Inside the Eye – Live! delved into the spreading story about geo-engineered snow on February 8, 2014. The premise of the idea was that if chem trails are a reality, then it makes sense that what goes up must indeed come back down. Under these conditions, it would make sense that falling snow would begin to take on the chemical properties of the metals and chemicals in the air and consequently, what is being viewed as “snow” would be out of necessity become a modified chemically altered substance.

It is, of course, not guaranteed, that the chemicals and heavy metal aerosols would out of necessity bind themselves to what would normally be “snow”, but it also makes some sense that the reality of a fusion of chemicals and heavy metals would indeed possibly bind themselves to what otherwise would be “snow”.

As the phenomena of geo-engineered snow gathers viral steam, it also makes sense that concerned and diligent citizen researchers and reporters will latch onto the story and begin independent investigation and analysis. Some sources are already claiming that the geo-engineered snow is not really snow at all, but rather some blend of animate, inanimate, and spent nucleated material which is taking on the some of styrofoam.

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that the story of geo-engineered snow is not going to go away and considered the continuing mayhem caused by weather throughout the United States and elsewhere, the story can only expected to gather steam. The “black snow story” is one of the first viral news stories of 2014 with The Fetch urging interested and concerned citizens to consider a networked research portal to document what (or if) anything is really to this story.


The Sochi Winter Olympics


With February 8, 2014 being the opening date for the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, a health part of the early half of the show was dedicated to the idea of sports as a unifying factor in human social relations, the necessity to control the message once sports has brought people together, and a short piece on the benefits of sports in child rearing.

A short look at the history of the Olympics in general, as well as the recent travails of the Olympic torch as it made its way through Russia and up to the International Space Station. The segment made for a pretty in depth look into the modern Olympics.

Projected medal counts, America’s only Jewish athlete (they actually had one?) and this athletes insistence on spreading his religion of hate within his small circle within the American Olympic team were issued equally raised.

Middle East News Round Up

The show ended with a look at some of the latest news of interest within the local market in the Middle East. Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and other parts of the Middle East filled out a pretty faced paced show.

You can catch the entire show here:

Inside the Eye – Live! – 2.8.14

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