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ITEL Radio – 3.22.14 – MH370 and Rubenstein, US Special Envoy to Syria


In what proved to be a technically challenging show punctuated with a total meltdown of Revolution Radio’s primary Internet circuit, Inside the Eye – Live! for March 22, was an abridged version filled laced with listener interest “rants” by “The Fetch”.

Spring in the Air


As the show fell on the first weekend of Spring, what better way to kick off the show than with a light journey into the some of the more exciting and refined fixtures of Spring: MLB Spring Training and the NCAA’s “March Madness”.

A bit of history was made during the opening of the 2014 Major League Baseball campaign as the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks ventured “Down Under” for a two game season opener played in the Sydney Cricket Grounds. The games were played before a sellout crowd of 40,000 with the Dodgers sweeping both games. Only one game had been played at the time of the show’s airing.

Fetch wove a bit of history of baseball “Down Under” as well as baseball openers outside of the shores of the United States.


Meanwhile, the NCAA’s March Madness tipped off. March Madness is a basketball and gambling extravaganza that highlights the best of America’s amateur basketball talent and the schools that feature them. At US$770 million in annual television rights, the reach and scope of “March Madness”, is indeed one of America’s great sporting spectacles.

MH370 – A Modern Aviation Mystery


The missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 flight continued to command a large portion of the news cycle as the search for the plane and the fate of the 239 passengers and crew on board continued with no plan in sight.

ITEL Radio reviewed some of the leading “conspiracy theories” surrounding the disappearance of the aircraft. From “miniature black holes” to “intelligence service covert action” are just some of the possible scenarios explored.

The Fetch was of the opinion that owing the disappearance of the aircraft in the manner in which it happened, the most rational explanation is the involvement of some State or “extra-State” intelligence service. It simply does not make sense that with all the commercial and military assets available to control the skies that a plane could simply vanish without some assistance from the very networks and agents tasked to track and ensure the safety of the flying public and national territories within which the flying public traverses.

Rubenstein – U.S. “Special Envoy” to Syria


In an audience favorite, The Fetch “ranted” about the total lack of professional diplomatic skills of the new “special envoy to Syria”, Daniel Rubenstein. Rubenstein, a “white European of Peruvian descent – just kidding!” is considered by some to be an “Arabist”, or someone within the US State Department who speaks Arabic and is purportedly able to view the reality on the ground with some semblance of intelligence relative to the Arabic point of view.

Needless to say, a Jewish appointment to such an important position is a total insult to the American people as it is clear that a Jew like Rubenstein would have zero ability to act as an effective diplomat in a world where Israel first sentiments reign supreme in the US State Department that is already teeming with Israel centric and/or dual agents.

Rubenstein did not even wait to sit down and warm his chair to prove his total ineptitude for diplomacy. His first act was to shut down the Syria’s Washington DC Embassy and consulates in Troy, Michigan, and Houston, Texas. Imagine, a “special envoy to Syria” shuts down the Embassy and consulates of the very country he is supposed to be a special envoy to.

What it appears to be saying is that Rubenstein is in way over his head, just another Jew in a largely Jewish run US State Department doing the bidding of globalist Jewish powers and completely ignoring that he the fact that he is a diplomat and not a dictator.

But then again – when Jews do not get their way – they always resort to bullying and censorship of their opponents, often because they lack the intellectual skills to compete head to head. Rubenstein appears no different.

Said Rubenstein regarding the Embassy closures,

This week marks the three-year anniversary of the Syrian revolution. For three years, Bashar al-Assad has refused to heed the call of the Syrian people to step aside. He has directed a war against his own people and created a humanitarian catastrophe in order to hold on to power and protect his narrow interests.

Such are not the words of a seasoned and intelligent diplomat. Such are the words of a Jew with an agenda. The world fully understands the proxy nature of the war against the Syrian people by men like Rubenstein, or for whom Rubenstein works and his statement is filled with a tired and nauseating series of lies becoming of the Jewish people.

You can catch this rather fascinating solo show here:

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