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ITEL Radio – 3.25.17 – Social Costs of Security Decisions

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, March 25, presented a rather hodgepodge set of talking points. One key point was a discussion on Trump’s travel ban announcements and ratcheting up of rhetoric and real actions targeting Jewish “enemies” in the Middle East. Another topic of discussion included the growing fury over a large number of disappearing black kids in the Washington, D.C., area. The show closed with a more insights into the Aeonic struggle between Jews and Western civilization.

The Social Costs of Unwarranted Security Decisions

We in the West have enabled the creation of a world wherein decisions made in the shadows are allowed to totally disrupt our everyday lives. Two events this past week highlighted this issue: 1) the shooting the town of Lille, France, and 2) the ban on laptops and tablets from 10 Middle Eastern countries.

As regards the shooting in Lille, France, police immediately put the entire city on lock down. Never mind that the inconvenience of an entire city being shut down, but the calls for seemingly sane people supporting this action wreaks of naivitè of those too trusting in the use of power by unaccountable security organs.  If we are to accept the lock down of entire cities due to an issue as a shooting, we might as well put Chicago under perpetual martial law and destroy the entire cities business environment.  After all, Chicago experiences dozens upon dozens of shootings every month.

Another issue is that of Trump’s new “ban on laptops and computers” from countries in the Middle East.  Two of these countries, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, I have intimate knowledge of as I fly out of King Khaled International (RUD-Riyadh) and Queen Alia International (AMM-Amman) regularly.  The idea that somehow American “intel” has solid evidence that someone is trying to sneak explosives onto a plane, and with it, the ENTIRE traveling public has to be inconvenienced due to such onerous and most likely ill-informed or agenda driven claims, is ludicrous.

My last three trips through AMM, for instance, I witnessed 100% security checks of all laptops making their way through hand carry luggage.

That some cowardly unaccountable “security official” in some shadow world sitting safely behind some desk should be able to impose himself onto so many innocent people is simply idiotic and amateurish.  It is, in fact, so stupid, that airlines like Royal Jordanian, headquartered in Amman, are trolling officials and Trump for making such a “decision”.

One has to wonder whether the “conspiracy theorists” are right again when saying that the laptop ban is simply in place to separate the people from their possessions so unbridled spying can move forward. Needless to say, though, the social costs to society by those hiding and deciding in the shadows are such that it is time to remove the shadows.

Missing Teens – More D.C. “Pizzagate”?

Another story to make the rounds, and who is to say that such a story is not just more fake news, is the story of a slew of black teens who have gone missing in Washington, D.C. The widely believed pedophile center of America can’t seem to shake stories that highlight the plight of missing and trafficked children, and this story sure doesn’t help.

What is the reality regarding this story is a bit difficult to know for someone sitting in Riyadh and zero direct access, so whether we have another fake story or some smoke billowing is hard to say.

Still, will all those geniuses in the intel world that spend their entire lives prying into the lives of others, you would think that they would be able to rapidly break down an issue that is happening right within the nation’s capitol. But no, better to spend their time banning laptops, because, well, because.

Much more to this show. Give it a listen.

ITEL Radio Full Show – 3.25.17