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ITEL Radio – 7.20.2013 – Roach Coaches, Zimmerman Verdict, Political Shifts in the Middle East

Sky Gourmet TacosInside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, July 20, 2013, proved to be quite a different show. The Muslim holy month of Ramadan heavily influenced the first hour of the show as the lack of open restaurants in Amman resulted a reminiscing about some of quality food stories in the United States.

Of particular interest were a couple of stories from The Daily Meal. The first was a story about fast food burger chains which The Daily Meal believes should be national. Making it into the top 10 were two Southern California based chains: Tommy’s Original World Famous Hamburgers, and In-n-Out Burgers. Now on these two, being from Southern California, I can comment.

Tommy’s (shortened) is good, but not THAT good. Worth a top 10 vote of best regional burger chains they wish were national? Can’t really comment without really getting into the mix and trying all the chains out, but surely, a top 10 vote is a great show and the place is worth a try. However, Tommy’s is famous more for their chili-cheese burgers than for their “hamburgers”. From time to time, I do recall having a craving for these burgers, which are more often served in the “chili cheese” variants than in their “hamburger” or “cheeseburger” variants. It almost seems sacrilegious to order a Tommy’s and not order it as a double chili-cheeseburger.

In-n-Out Burger, Arcadia, CA - Original Drive Thru Design

In-n-Out Burger, Arcadia, CA – Original Drive Thru Design

But rated number 1 I can surely relate. In-n-Out Burgers is clearly a burger with quality you can taste. With fresh hand leafed lettuce, fresh tomato, fresh onion, patties that are never frozen, and a proprietary thousand island’s dressing, In-n-Out Burger remains one of the greatest burger’s to have graced the fast food scene. Combine it all with french fries that are made from fresh potatoes and a chocolate shake, In-n-Out Burgers is definitely worth a trip. Don’t forget to order it all “animal style” and if you really want some added calories, some “animal fries” just might do the trick.

The George Zimmerman Verdict


To those of you who have been following Inside the Eye – Live! for well over a year, you are probably aware that many of the key facts on the Zimmerman case were first made public through the private investigative work of “Eye Citizen” in collaboration with many other independent citizen journalists at the Conservative Tree House and Free Thinker.

The story and link between the street slang word “Lean” and its ingredients, Robitussen, Skittles, and Arizona Watermelon Tea, a concoction that forms a compound very similar to PCP, was originally broken by Eye Citizen and was first make available via streaming media on Inside the Eye – Live! in December of 2011.

You can hear this episode here:

Bill Whittle has done an excellent job summarizes much of the case put forward over time here on ITEL Radio quite well and it is worth a watch:

Follow along with Whittle’s arguments and what was presented on Inside the Eye – Live! and one quickly sees that on this case, “Eye Citizen” and “Woody” (same personage) were well ahead of the curve on this story.

You can listen to the Eye Citizen round-up here from this show “here”:

A Shift of Power in the Middle East


The final hour was dedicated to an analysis of the Middle East, which in short is showing a shift in power against the United States (aka “the Crack Heads” in the Jewish dominated foreign policy apparatus) as Saudi Arabia and much of the Gulf supported the over throw of the Qatar dominated Muslim Brotherhood.

You can catch the entire show, including this analysis, here: