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ITEL Radio 8.3.2013 – The Kerry “Peace Plan” – Dead on Arrival

Kerry at Yad Vashem

With a bit of humor we witness yet another attempt by the United States government to “fairly and impartially” broker a peace deal between the besieged people of occupied Palestine and the modern day colonial project known as “Israel”. The truth of the details is that Secretary to State Kerry has confirmed in deeds and actions that the United States State Department is a defacto agency of those who run and support Israel.

The recognition of this reality should enable anyone to see that the idea of a negotiated settlement between Israel and Palestine, brokered by an “impartial United States”, can only be viewed as being “dead on arrival”.

Martin Indyke Appointed Special Mediator

Kerry Appoints Indyke

The appointment by Secretary of State Kerry of the rabidly pro-Israeli (Israeli agent in the United States Government, essentially), Martin Indyk assures that Israel will control all facets of a what is really a laughably farcical display by wannabe statesman pretending to be doing something important.

Consider just a bit of the following regarding Indyk:

In 1973 Yom Kippur War, Indyke was living as a volunteer on a kibbutz in Israel. In 1982, Indyk was working for AIPAC. In 1985, Indyk was credited with “founding” the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a “think tank” that was widely regarded as being AIPAC’s private think tank. Indyk is a former Ambassador from the United States to Israel during the Clinton administration. Over the past decade, Indyk has served as the Vice President of the Brookings Institute and the Director of the Saban Center for Middle East Policies, for whom Indyk has called the Israeli ultra-nationalist Haim Saban his “god-father”.

More hidden, Indyk is a board member of the New Israel Fund and of the National Security Studies in Israel as well as being a member of the advisory board of the Israel Democracy Institute.

He is on record as stating on Israeli “IDF Radio” that he believes that there is no chance for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, a rational and sound observation seeing how there is no one in Israel to negotiation with. Said Indyk regarding a negotiated peace settlement between the parties,

“I’m not particularly optimistic, because I think that the heart of the matter is that the maximum concession that this government of Israel would be prepared to make, fall far short of the minimum requirements that Abu Mazen will insist on. Though it may be possible to keep the talks going, which is a good thing, I find it very hard to believe that they will reach an agreement.”

Indeed, Indyk seems to think that after 40 years of his witnesses these clowns called Israeli’s convince others to chase peace like a dog that chases its tail that somehow, if you just spin fast enough, or persistent enough, that you just might be able to catch one’s tail.

Listen to “The Fetch” discuss baseball, Syria, and why you should not waste your chasing the Palestinian Israel “peace” negotiations.

As always, a fun and informative show!