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ITEL Radio begins Year 7 – A Look Back – 7.29.17

Inside the Eye – Live! began its 7th year of broadcasting with a look back to some of the early days of broadcasting. Alex Jones and his coddling to a Jewish punk by the name of Jason Bermas, who was the mouthpiece for a movie on 9-11 called “Loose Change”, wherein Bermas was live on-air calling for dissidents against Jewish political power and privilege to “electrocute themselves”.

Phone calls added texture to the discussion. The layers of Jewish activism, from the “mocking scoffing Jew”, to the “matter of fact Jew” who says a lot and yet nothing at all was raised as part of the telephone conversations with guests.

Audio clips from the very first recorded show (Aug 6, 2011) were woven into the second hour as part of an expose on the differences between “main stream patriot radio” as Alex Jones, compared to the new show styles coming out as was Inside the Eye – Live!

A fun and fast two hours was then followed with an in depth and thoughtful hour interview with Andrew Joyce, contributing author for The Occidental Observer where the Jewish questions/problem was discussed. Jewish sabotage of individuals working on discussing and researching the Jewish question, Jewish stereotype deflections, Jewish attempts to “pathologize” dissent to their policies and practices were but a small sampling of a very detail filled hour.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 7.29.17

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