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ITEL Radio in Taif, KSA, USA-KSA Diplomacy Re: Iran Nuclear Deal, Perception Reality Management on ITEL Radio – 7.25.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, July 25, 2015 broadcast live from Taif, Saudi Arabia. The show began by providing some historical and geographical insights into the storied city of Taif which then led into a comprehensive analysis of some of the latest diplomatic efforts being undertaken between the United States and Saudi Arabia in relation to the recent P5+1 Iran nuclear deal. Hours number 2 and 3 were filled with a bit of philosophical and pragmatic observations of Jewish use of linguistics as well as musings on the very pragmatic necessity for all involved to be able to effectively “control perception”.
Taif, The Summer Capital of Saudi Arabia

Inside the Eye – Live! from Taif, Saudi Arabia


The show began with an update on Inside the Eye – Live’s move from Amman, Jordan to Taif, Saudi Arabia. Taif is known as the “Summer Capital of Saudi Arabia” and has a rich and storied history within the larger geopolitical history of the Middle East. Taif is also known as “the Rose Capital of Saudi Arabia” due to the brief two month Spring rose growing season which sees the city of Taif grow an exceptionally large amount of roses that are then turned into tinctures “rose water”, a favored essential oil additive to drinking water.

From a geographical standpoint, Taif sits about 100 miles (62 kilometers) from the city of Mecca and about 160 miles from the port city of Jeddah. Located on the eastern slopes of the Al Sarawat mountains and rests at an elevation of 6200 feet above sea level. The second highest point in Saudi Arabia is nearby to Taif.
Taif has played an important strategic geopolitical role. The city was one of the southern most reaches of the Turkish Ottoman empire and boasts and Turkish fort as part of its cultural heritage. Upon the fall of Taif to Hashemite forces, the city briefly was the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Hejaz. In 1926, the city was captured by the founder of the modern Saudi Arabia, King Abdul Aziz, who would proclaim himself King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Hejaz until the uniting of King Abdul Aziz’s two kingdoms into the modern Saudi Arabia.
The city would go on to become the “Summer Capital of Saudi Arabia”.

In 1934, Taif played host to the signing of a formal treaty between Saudi Arabia and Yemen which established the formal bordersThe city played host to the signing of the formal agreement that established the formal border between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. In 1989, King Fahd hosted a conference for the warring factions of Lebanon which resulted in the Taif Accords that effectively ended the Lebanese civil war. The city was the location for the Kuwaiti government in exile following the invasion and occupation of Kuwait by Iraqi forces in 1991.

US-Saudi Diplomacy Regarding P5+1 Iran Nuclear Deal


With the Inside the Eye – Live! shifting back to Saudi Arabia, an entire segment was dedicated to recent activities surround United States diplomatic efforts in Saudi Arabia and the region following the P5+1 Iran nuclear program deal.

Former Saudi Ambassador to the United States Al-Jubeir and current Prime Minister met privately with President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, while Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter flew into Riyadh for a private one hour meeting with Saudi Arabia’s Defense Minister and Deputy Crown Prince and son of the current King Salman.

Of interest was an interview where Sec. of State John Kerry appeared on Al Arabiya television station Al Arabiya News Channel’s Nadia Bilbassy-Charter. In what was somewhat of a testy interview, Mrs. Bilbassy-Charter continuously pressed Secretary of State John Kerry regarding the increased revenues due to flow into Iranian coffers from the release of ongoing sanctions.

Secretary of State Kerry remained firm in response, stating at one point,

“We negotiated with Iran on the nuclear, not on all these other issues.”

An interesting observation is that Saudi Arabia diplomatic talking points on the P5+1 Iran nuclear deal mirror closely those of Israel, with both states stressing concern regarding the ability of Iran to use additional revenues to project power further into the Middle East.

What Secretary of State Kerry clearly admitted is that the Middle East has entered a phase where wars are being fought by proxy, stating,

“The agreement gets rid of the nuclear weapon potential. But if we do the right things in all of these other sectors, then I believe the Gulf states and the region can feel much more secure than they do today. Obviously, we have to end all of these proxy initiatives, and there are ways to do that.”

It is hard to imagine that Secretary of State Kerry is not fully aware of the totality of the ongoing proxy wars currently being waged in the Middle East, with Syria being the largest theater of operations.

Perception Reality Management


A key foundation of social engineering and management rests in the ability of controlling forces to effectively impose, or manage, reality perception. Perception reality management is accomplished through a variety of tools, including the use of various technologies. However, from a language usage point of view, three of the more effective elements remains the use of “political correctness”, “cultural Marxism”, and word confinement (re-definement).

Through effective implementation of “political correctness”, it is possible to effectively deter people from peering into issues and topics that are inconvenient to a ruling or management class. Political correctness creates a wide chasm of self censorship that prevents issues of import to be effectively and openly discussed.

Cultural Marxism simply turns critical thinking, reasoning, and rationalism on its head, inverting and perverting reality for the express purpose of establishing the necessary social change to effect political agendas.

“Unlike orthodox Marxism, which merely applies a ready-made “template” to both critique and action, critical theory seeks to be self-critical and rejects any pretensions to absolute truth.”

In other words, Cultural Marxists create a world comprised of delusions sold as reality. Blue is “not blue” as it cannot be “blue” because, well, self-critical thinking rejects any “absolute truths”. Hence we find the logical justification for the restructuring and redefining of words to mean whatever it is that the Cultural Marxist believes such words to mean. In this way, Cultural Marxists have set out and about to tear down the inherent traditional social structures of Western Civilization.

Such usage of language is a Lewis Carol “Humpty Dumpty” mentality,

“When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”

? Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

Quite a bit of the show was dedicated to speaking about these ideas, tactics to “be the master” and the importance of protecting and securing the nature and use of words.

Some will find the show quite enlightening with traces and adumbrations of philosophical overtones.

All of this, and quite a bit more, is available to hear here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 7.25.15