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ITEL Radio’s Twitter Account Suspended

On June 17, tweets sent out by “The Fetch” to offensive Jewish supremacists, and consequent (apparent) complaints by those within the Jewish community, successfully resulted in Twitter siding with Jews to bring about a suspension of @RadioITEL.

The Jew in question goes by the Twitter username of @clompthestrong. As so many Jews on Twitter, this Jew proved to hold White women in utter contempt, referring to White women as “shiksas” for which he took pleasure in “defiling” When asked of we referred to Jewish women as “filthy kike whores” would be acceptable to Jews (note that the phrase was not actually applied), the tweet was “reported” and the account suspended.

Promoting Jew Hatred

Obviously, we can only assume that Twitter’s actions are intended to promote Jew hatred, for the very actions highlight the anti-American, anti-Western values inherent in Jew society and how Jew society ultimately is incompatible with Western values and ethics.

When Jews refer to Western women as “shiksas”, it is well understood that what these Jews are portraying some of the most vile attitudes of supremacy that one human being can have for another. As we read from a good “rabbi”:

Twitter’s efforts to allow Jews to engage in some of the most vile forms of offensive slurs against all non-Jewish women hints strongly that Twitter supports dehumanizing of all women in favor of Jewish supremacist attitudes.

In doing so, we can only assume that Jews understand well why people hate them and are asking Twitter to try to deflect from people hating Jews for their clear offensive assaults on all non-Jewish women.

But the result can only be the opposite of the intended efforts by Twitter: Twitter is providing a very real impetus for Jew hatred by highlighting and promoting some of the more vile, degrading elements within Jewish culture.

@RadioITEL will continue to confront Jewish racists and bigots and continue while raising awareness of the real enemies of Western civilization and values: Jews and their Talmudic contempt for all mankind.