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Jack Sen, Resistance Radio – ITEL – 6.2.18

Jack Sen, former UKIP candidate for the district of West Lancashire, joined Inside the Eye – Live! to discuss the current state of British politics, the corrosive influence of foreign elements on British society, and how the current political environment in the United Kingdom bodes ill for British nationalists.

Jack drove home the point we have been discussing on Inside the Eye – Live! in that we have entered a very open effort by Jewish elements to preclude ANYONE who speaks out against Jews from being able to enter into politics.  In regards to Jack’s former candidacy, the Guardian reported in May of 2015,

Separately, antisemitic comments about Labour’s candidate for Liverpool Wavertree, Luciana Berger, were posted on his Twitter account on Thursday.

Echoing language often used by antisemitic groups, Sen linked Miliband to a “shadowy elite bent on [the west’s] destruction” and said that his father, Ralph Miliband, who arrived in the UK after fleeing Nazi persecution of Jews, “did his utmost to destroy his host nation”.

The comments on Twitter accused Berger of having “divided loyalties” – a common antisemitic slur meant to suggest that Jews are loyal to Israel, rather than to the country in which they live.

Berger said that those comments were clearly antisemitic. She said: “Remarks like these have no place in our politics. I am glad that Ukip has taken action.”

Of course, what we have been saying is that “anti-Semitism” simply means someone is being “factually correct”.  Without a doubt, it is painfully obvious that Jewish political leadership has done anything and everything possible to destroy the ethnic compositions of the nations of Europe, and that would include the loss of S. Africa to African Marxists who now are openly calling for and abetting the murder of White S. Africans.

We also discussed the nature of the “Free Tommy Robinson” campaign, the Neocon funded “anti Muslim activist” who has been used as a central pillar in advancing the position that British Nationalists should be anti-Muslim, while ignoring completely the corrosive and criminal role of Jews in the administration of England as their near private fiefdom.

All in all, lots to be heard in this excellent introductory interview with Jack Sen to the Inside the Eye – Live! audience.

Inside the Eye – Live! Interview – Jack Sen – 6.2.18

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