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Jan Lamprecht – ITEL – 4.28.18

Jan Lamprecht from History Reviewed joined Frederick C. Blackburn, host of Blackbird 9’s Breakfast Club, for an extended interview on Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, April 28, 2018. Frederic was filling in for The Fetch who was busy with “daytime job” work.

Jan impressed with his vision and communication of the problems of S. Africa. From the ongoing quasi-state sanctioned “farm murders” to the reality that S. Africa is a lawless nation totally incapable of bringing any Jews to justice let alone criticizing the failure of government policies that are largely supported and backed by Jewish interests inside and outside S. Africa, Jan provides an eloquent oratory on the ills and sickness that has overcome a once proud and European style run nation.

Of particular interest was Jan’s explanation of how deception is used to fund militant Marxist blacks through the use of Hollywood media efforts.  Bob Geldof’s Live Aid was brought to task as being a channel for raising funds for genocidal black leaders in Africa, essentially using fraud and deception to channel well meaning money to some of Africa’s most evil political personalities.

An entertaining and informative effort.

ITEL Radio Interview – Jan Lamprecht – 4.28.18

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