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Jewish Ideology Inversions, Vin Scully, Charlotte Riots, Syrian Airwar – ITEL Radio – 9.24.16

Inside the Eye – Live! returned to its Riyadh venue as the 2016 Autumn season kicked in. Aside from some minor technical issues (like some choppiness in the final half hour), the show went well. The show began with a look at the just finished Labour Party election in the UK that saw Jeremy Corbyn elected as the party head and the wails from British Jewish groups bemoaning that the British Labour Party was “no longer safe for British Jews”.

We then had a small discussion on the retirement of Vin Scully, the 88 year old play by play announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers for the past 67 years.

The show included scattered discussions on the air war in Syria, from US politicians calling for the US to establish air superiority over Syria to the ongoing “Coalition” air war.


Lots of listener participation brought lots of different points of discussion, from dealing with hot weather (like in Riyadh) to the Intermarium 3 (I-M3), the Charlotte riots, dealing with corrupt government officials, the past weeks guest appearance by Blackbird9, and much more.

A nice relaxing show that can be heard here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – -9.24.16