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Jewish LGBT Takeover of America, War on Symbols – ITEL Radio 6.27.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, June 27, delved into the overt symbolic takeover of the United States by Jewish/LGBT political forces and all the degradation and decay that come along having a people who have not and cannot build healthy societies. As part of this political takeover, we are witnessing a war on various cultural symbols of major political constituencies that can be reasonably expected to stand and challenge the ongoing submersion of America into Jewish LGBT cultural identity.

The Jewish LGBT Takeover of the United States


If ever Americans and the world needed a symbol to highlight the Jewish LGBT takeover of the United States, they got it when SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) dictated to the entire United States that ITS version of what is and is not acceptable within the definition of marriage MUST be imposed, thus launching an end run around States rights.

The White House, seeming knowing that the fix was in, had the White House pre-wired to proudly display the symbol of the “Rainbow Colors” of the Jewish LGBT global agenda.

Michelle, is it Michael, Obama, the wife, or is it “gay partner”, of Barry Obama, must have raised with Barry a massive toast to celebrate the official conquering of the United States – from within.

No one can argue that “democratic” means were not largely used to effect the takeover, but the corruption necessary along the way just highlights the nature of Jewish and the LGBT cultural Marxist agenda.

For many in the world, the moral decay and accompanying decadence of the United States government is not even being attempted to remain hidden. The whole is being proudly displayed.

A Cultural War on Symbols


The importance of symbols as a product and process of the political and social worlds should not be underestimated, and the ongoing war to remove or destroy symbols for the benefit of Jewish and the (largely) Jewish driven LGBT agenda continues at a near totalitarian pace.

The war against “Christianity” and the rather “Pagan” symbols that make for the foundation of Christians symbolic structure has been going on for decades. The War on the Christmas Tree and Christian symbols surrounding the Winter Solstice is a repeating annual theme.

However, this week saw a fascinating development in this ongoing Jewish war against Western civilization and its cultural foundations. Through the use of what appears to be a “false flag” event with the “Dylan Roof” shooting at the most politically connected and radical black churches, the AME Church (with a convenient state Senator assassination thrown in), Jewish mainstream media and political organs across the political spectrum have gone into overdrive to erase and remove cultural symbols of the political and social South.

Karl Rove was television stating that because of this so called “event”, that America needs to repeal the second amendment that guarantees the right to bear arms (against totalitarian governance), Governors of states as in South Carolina were calling for the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the State Capital, and teachers were clamoring for the removal of the name “Robert E. Lee”, the South’s most successful and famous general during the American Civil War.

The war on traditional American cultural symbols has become patently obvious. The false characterizations of the Confederate battle flag are egregious as pundits across the Jewish controlled media spoke about how the Confederate battle flag “represented racism”, wherein such is far from true. The Confederate battle flag represented States rights, which ultimately is what the Civil War was being fought over.

So while the Jewish driven LGBT “Rainbow Colors” proudly (and embarrassingly) proclaimed the end of State’s rights in the dictatorial mandates of the SCOTUS, Jewish Marxists agents seemed to rise in near unison to try to push a symbol of State’s rights, the Confederate battle flag, into the dustbin of history.

Sales of paraphernalia of the Confederate battle flag remain at a very brisk pace.

“Terror in Tunisia”, or “Stay on the Bandwagon or else”.


Apparent coordinated “Terror” attacks in Tunisia, Paris, and Kuwait City raised the profile of the ongoing efforts of Western intelligence agencies and the “War on Terror”. Like the “War on Drugs”, a war where it is pretty much known that intelligence agencies like the CIA are the primary traffickers of drugs, we have learned that what is “the Islamic State” is a creation of Western intelligence agencies.

Can you say Mossad and whisper such proxies as CIA, MI6, and others?

The Guardian had the typical “pat the panting dog on the head simplicities”, “Terror attacks in Kuwait, France and Tunisia echo Isis methods“.

Of course it does, oh you ever so intelligent writers at The Guardian. The problem is, the word ISIS is being used in place of the more rational and logical culprits: the coordinated nature of the attacks carried all the hallmarks of a Mossad operation and its Western proxies, largely the CIA.

One must wonder what messages were being sent?

One is pretty clear: “We can attack you anywhere, at anytime, and have no moral compunction at the suffering we can cause.” The second is less obvious, but every bit as real, “Stay the course and continue supporter “our” “War on Terror”, or the blow back, brought about by budgets that these Middle Eastern States have so generously contributed to, can be devastating.”

All of this, and lots of listener participation, with some light, humorous moments, interspersed, made for an interested and fun show.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 6.27.15