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Jewish War on Donald Trump – Lee Rogers, Bob in DC – ITEL Radio – 3.12.16

Donald Trump’s foray into the heart of America’s Jewish Bolshevik power base of Chicago, and the subsequent essential open declaration of war against Trump and his follower’s by the Jewish run and the subsequent violent protests by Neo-Bolshevik activists attending the Trump rally in Chicago headlined Inside the Eye – Live! for March 12, 2016. Lee Rogers, former owner of “The Oracle Broadcasting Network” and former host of “Live Free or Die Radio”, and current proprietor of was a guest in hour 2 where many of these same topics were discussed. Bob in DC completed the final hour, with a continuing drumming on the violent protests by and George Soros against Donald Trump and his political base.

You can here the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 3.12.16

The Anti-Trump “Chicago Protests”

Presidential candidate hopeful Donald Trump sought to hold a rally in Chicago on Mar 11, 2016. It was called off due to security concerns and a large gathering of Jewish supremacists, communists, violent black activists (Black Lives Matter), opportunists, and general riff raff rolled in to shut down the freedom of assembly rights and free speech rights of Trump supporters.

The Chicago disruption was a highly organized affair with Jewish “philanthropist” George Soros providing the capital, Jewish run providing the organizational talent and leadership, and “BLM” and Democratic Presidential candidate hopeful and socialist Bernie Sanders providing the “shock troops”.

The slogans coming from the professional disrupters and saboteurs was played straight out of Jewish supremacist playbooks that are used to target White or European ethnocentric societies.


With America’s Jewish controlled media setting up all week a “narrative” of “Trump rallies are violent”, we see that this was a complete set-up, made for media event that smacks of arrogance and hypocrisy.

All this made for a fiery first hour.

Lee Rogers –


Hour two brought a visit from Lee Rogers, former owner of the Oracle Broadcasting Network and former host of Live Free or Die Radio. Lee is currently the proprietor of

Lee discussed his recent inclusion in a press release where the ADL was requesting Donald Trump to disavow a variety of media and political personalities. Lee discussed that his response was to file a complaint against the ADL for violating their non-profit 501.3c status by engaging in clear political activities by targeting personalities and candidates while favoring others

Other topics of discussion included a small reminiscing of the role that Oracle Broadcasting played in setting the tone of the current political atmosphere, White Genocide, the role of Jews as an antagonistic force within Euro-centric societies, among quite a bit more.

You can hear the interview or download the audio file here: ITEL Radio Interview – Lee Rogers – 3.12.16

Bob in DC – Boardman.blogspot


Bob in DC is a long time political radio personality with a long running show at (Show ID 85857). He is also a writer and has a blog called Boardmanland @

The discussion carried on further with Bob discussing how America’s traditional Christian American government is gone and has been for quite some time. The communist gathering in Chicago that shut down the Donald Trump rally served to drive home the point that Jewish political power is still at war with “White” political power in a war that has been going since before the time of Henry Ford wrote “The International Jew” in the 1920’s.

White genocide in S. Africa, the Trump phenomena, and much more filled out hour number 3.

You can here [download/listen] to the audio file for Bob in DC here:

[ITEL Radio Interview – Bob in DC – 3.12.16]