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Jews – Europe’s Biggest Complainers

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, June 30, 2018 was a “whirlwind show”, a show that provides commentary on a number of subjects.  One of the lead stories is about the new head of the Jewish Agency.  Isaac Herzog, who went on to Israeli television and called the intermarriage of Jews to non-Jews a “plague”.  Herzog hails from the far left of Jewish society and the NGO he heads is one of the largest, oldest, and most successful Jewish NGO’s.  It receives a large amount of money from US taxpayers (vis a vis non profit contributions).

So essentially, American tax payers are funding a Jewish organization that says that Americans are a “plague” in that their inter marriage to Jews is simply out of control.  What is not said so vocally is that Isaac Herzog is saying that Jews are not really Americans but an alien race for which (apparently) intermarriage with non-Jews should never be permitted (unless, of course, it benefits Jews).

Another issue raised is that of the ongoing trade negotiations with China.  In this regard, again, “America” as a nation could not find anyone qualified to negotiate for the United States other than a Jew.

sourceReb Moyshe (Mitchell) Silk is not only the first Hasidic Jew to hold a US Administration senior slot, but is key to ongoing trade negotiations between the US and China, a new profile in Mishpacha reports.

What is nice to know is that American is in such fantastic hands.  According to an article in the New York Times, America’s (Jewish) delegation is far superior in quality and intelligence to what China is bringing to the table.

“We’re in a situation where the Ministry of Commerce doesn’t have all the people in place that it wants to have,” said James Zimmerman, a former four-time chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, citing the Chinese agency that traditionally handles trade matters. “I really think they are unprepared for the negotiation that is taking place. – source”

America has a massive trade deficit with China.  The American Chamber of Commerce head in Beijing for four consecutive terms was a Jew (Zimmerman).  It is Zimmerman’s responsibility to promote American business interests in China.  We have essentially an all Jewish negotiation team.  China is bringing an all Chinese team.

And we are supposed to believe that Israeli’s are going to negotiate a superior deal that benefits Americans?

We should expect America’s “negotiating team” to benefit Jews and Jewish interests.  To expect otherwise is just sheer folly.

Europe’s major media firm Euronews recently polled Jews and asked them if they felt immigration was a source of rising antisemitism (whatever that is supposed to mean).  The story revealed that Jews are .6% of Europe’s population, but are responsible for the largest number of complaints to police.  This makes Jews certifiably the biggest whiners in Europe.

Ukraine, Iraq, Jewish ethnic cleansing of Palestine, and so much more in this information packed show.

Inside the Eye – Live! Full Show — 6.30.18