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Jews Whining about Christmas and Jewish Control of the Vote – ITEL Prime Time – 12.28.17

The final Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time for 2017 presented a whirlwind of stories delivered with rapid fire timing. From Jews complaining publicly about being wished a “Merry Christmas”, to the Houthi takeover of Yemen as a result of failed “anti terrorist” strategies of the United States, this final ITEL Prime Time show of 2017 provided a wide range thought fodder as we move into 2018.

Ultimately, the issue of corruption within government channels, a caustic and decaying force within the West, requires eradication. POTUS’s “deal with the devil”, Netanyahu and Israel, collusion between US politicians and Israel, and much more.

You can hear the entire show here:

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time – Full Show – 12.28.17