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John Friend on ITEL – 1.4.14

John FriendJohn Friend, author internet essayist and political activist from San Diego, California, joined Inside the Eye – Live! (ITEL Radio) for hour number 2 on January 4, 2014. This was one of John’s numerous appearances on ITEL Radio and the conversation, as expected, proved to be lively and informative with topics ranging from Jewish social character assassination efforts against targeted individuals and the use of Jewish media assets to create false and misleading realities.

Access ADL Launches Character Assassination Against John Friend

Source: David

Source: David

The conversation began with a discussion on recent efforts by contributors to Access ADL, the official blog of the Anti Defamation League, to launch an online character assassination campaign against John Friend.

Along with the conversation regarding character assassination came the idea of stalking Jewish trolling agents, an issue that was witnessed in the ITEL Radio Chatroom.

Fake Holocaust Narratives

holocaust myth cartoon

The discussion moved to the idea of fake (and hence malicious) false “Holocast (TM)” survival stories, a phenomena that has been at the very core of the Jewish Holocaust Industry, an industry designed to stigmatize the mind of those whom it reaches out to.

Within this area of research are legions of fantastically insulting tales of “Jewish holocaust survival”. Here are but a few:

Enjoy for the spirit within which such tales must have been concocted and told, which we can only presume that Jews have an utter contempt for decency and honesty and a perpetual need to lie to everyone, including themselves, in their effort to create false realities that advance their agenda of dominance and control.

Jewish Media Fakery – The Means to an End


It is not enough that there is a concerted effort to demonize Western civilization and Germany and Germans in particular with the Holocaust Tale. What we are learning all to painfully is that Jewish control of Western Media Assets vis-a-vis their control of print and electronic media is having disastrous cultural and intellectual effects on Western civilization and the world at large.

This is being brought about through the use of media fakery with what can only be viewed as a concerted effort by Jews to pursue their agenda through the use of the creation of false realities.

Hence the “gun control debate”, the “immigration debate”, and so many other agendas where we find Jewish leadership is being advanced not under the realm of an enlightened and intellectual debate, but more under the conditions of moral and intellectual debasement.

All of these topics and more were a part of the interview. You can hear the edited out take of the interview here:

The entire show, including issues regarding human trafficking in Jordan and the Zezorro interview may be heard here:

John Friend’s Websites:
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