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John Kaminski, Author and Blogger, on ITEL 12-22-12

John Kaminski, Author and Blogger

John Kaminski, author and blogger, joins ITEL for 3 hours on Saturday, 12/22/2012.

A journalist who served as editor at no less than eight different small newspapers over a period of three decades, Kaminski more recently has distinguished himself on the Internet as one of the very few who wholeheartedly opposes this Jewish perversion of reality that now threatens the health of every living thing on Planet Earth.source

Kaminski rose to prominence with his early articles that shed light on the absurdity of the official conspiracy theory regarding 9-11, placing instead the probable source of the 9-11 attack on Jewish internationalists within and without the United States.

Say?s Kaminski, ??The guiding force of Judaism is the Talmud, and the Talmud is the heart of darkness in human history. Everything that is evil in the world can be traced to its teachings.?

Kaminski has been a regular on the Rense Radio show and website.

Kaminski on the web:


The show weaved quite a fascinating tale, from John’s early days in newspaper business to his days as a typist in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War and the circumstances which led to his being recommended to be terminated from the Navy, with an honorable discharge.

There were a record number of callers for this show. One caller shared a story of his days in the newspaper business while still a teenager and the degree to which he understood at that very young age to what degree the newspaper business and the news cycle was tightly controlled.

The show promotion was picked up by two quality sites, Rumor Mill News and the Philosopher’s Stone.

The show received great live numbers, reaching as high as #9 for Shoutcast/Talk and finishing in the Top 10.

You can hear the show here

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