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John Kaminski on Inside the Eye – Live! – 1.24.15

John Kaminski, featured Internet essayist at “The” joined Inside the Eye – Live! for a special two hour conversation that covered more topics than can be covered here. As always, Kaminski was colorful and full of insights and opinions that directly relate to the Jewish governance over Western civilization and, as Jewish power (through control of media and money) continues to spread its tentacles, increasingly across more and more of the larger civilized world.

The result of this expansion of power is predictable: a noticeable “Biblical” fall of humanity from a higher state of existence.

Depression Sets In


One of the themes running through the show was that of “fatigue and depression”. Kaminski commented that the “depression” is not just being witnessed from who work to bring reality into the light, but also among those who have no interest in ascertaining reality (the masses) but equally are becoming aware that the reality they are being shaped into believing is itself entirely false.

Although it may be true that depression and fatigue is setting in among those that have worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the organizational dangers facing Western Civilization, it can also be said that that enormous strides have been made in raising awareness equally.

Gone are the days when an intelligence agency can engage in criminal and treasonous activities and not have the event pried open often before the “main stream media” is able to “roll out the narrative”.

Where John Kaminski agrees is that the strides and audience has grown to where those who were at the forefront of educating about Jewish control of Western civilization and the harm that such control entails, what generates fatigue is lack of progress on the “jewdicial” front.

No one, and especially Jews, are being held accountable for either their failures (negligence to an extreme) – which are too numerous to list, nor is anyone being held accountable within the media for the projection of obviously false to malicious narratives passed off as “real news”, nor do we find any arrests and progress being made on taking out individuals responsible for what has become a tsunami of criminal assaults on humanity.

The Hypocrisy of Hebdo and Jewish Main Stream Framing


In what has become an absolutely glaring example of Jewish bigotry and hypocrisy, enter stage right; “Hebdo: The Face of Jewish Hypocrisy”. The entire French story regarding Charlie Hebdo is absurd. Within hours, the supposed “Islamic extremist” attack on the offices of “Charlie Hebdo”, the alternative media forces had destroyed the story.

But the narrative had to go on, and that is where the glaring irrationality of Jewish thinking was brought clearly into focus. The narrative’s agenda came rapidly into focus: in the name of protecting “free speech”, any speech against Jews was to be deemed as “criminal”.

So we got it.

It is okay for Jews to assault and attack the sensibilities of everyone, no matter how irresponsible the activity, but in order to prevent “extremism”, everyone’s right to free speech has to be sacrificed – except of course for the speech of Jews.


The truth of the matter is, Jews have been against the Western ideal of “freedom of speech” from their very formation and arrival on the historical scene. Within the United States, Jewish assaults on freedom of speech are legendary, which makes you wonder if it was not Jews themselves that saw the founding fathers of the United States instill “freedom of speech” as the very first “Bill of Rights”.

This article, from 1941, shows just how long Jews have been using the “anti-Semite” canard to limit others from airing their political views.


Now Jews would like all of us to remind ourselves that “We are all Charlie”.

Jews should be reminded of this meme each and every time we see Jews seeking to silence others in the arena of public opinion.

Spanning you the Globe to bring you the Wonderful World of Politics


From the Middle East to Ukraine, and from the United States to global Jewish hegemony, this special two hour conversation is sure to have quite a bit of brain food to chomp on. What this show presents is John Kaminski, a warrior who has never shied from doing his part in the “information war”.

This very frank and insightful discussion may be heard here:

ITEL Radio Interview – John Kaminski – 1.24.15

Yemen’s Implosion and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia’s Passing

Hour number one for January 24, 2015 consisted of a recap of recent events in Yemen whereby the President and Prime Minister resigned, US death drone attacks were halted, and the US Embassy sought to reduce non-essential staff in the face of a near total overthrow of the capital Sana’a by Shia Huthi rebels.

In addition, the show discussed some of the accomplishments of Saudi Arabia’s “King Abdullah”.

All in all, a very information packed 3 hours. You can hear the entire show here:

Inside the Eye – Live! for 1.24.15