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John Kaminski on ITEL – 5.4.2013

John Kaminski, Essayist

John Kaminski, Essayist

John Kaminksi, former news journalist and noted cyber essayist will be joining The Fetch on Inside the Eye – Live! (ITEL Radio) on Saturday, May 4, 2013. This will be John’s second appearance on ITEL Radio, his first appearance being in December 22, 2013.

The Fetch and John Kaminski will be discussing some of John’s latest essays and thoughts on the latest false flags as Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon Drill turned “major police event”.

John Kaminski will appear in the second hour of ITEL, or 11:00am EDT. Check your local, global time.

Listen live! to what should be a fascinating and entertaining show!

Show Wrap-Up


The interview turned out to be a bit dower, and perhaps, quite a bit prescient. The falsehood of the Holocaust(tm) and media framing started off the show. The total blackout of law enforcement and the media in protecting literal “shenanigans” which are leading the United States into totalitarianism.

Lies are rapidly becoming manufactured realities believed by the masses.

It is John’s belief that the American population is headed towards extermination, if not by a total use of force, then by gradual poisoning of food and the environment.

John then discusses the manner in which information is retained by Jewish interests and through the manipulation and subversion of information, Jews become “gods on Earth”.

The Jewish principle of Mesirah is brought into the light as a principle of Jewish cultural dynamics. Crimes and conspiracies are covered up or ignored by the larger Jewish society.

John’s strategy to reach a larger audience, including the de-emphasizing of Jewish control, was discussed as a means to bring forward a mass awareness where the real problem of the United States is Jewish management of nearly all layers of social constructions.

This interview was one of John’s most powerful and pertinent and definitely a must listen.

It can be heard here:

John Kaminski interviewed on Inside the Eye – Live! with The Fetch

There is too much here to summarize. It is a must listen for anyone interested in intelligent media for the politically aware.

John Kaminski on the “Net”

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