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John Kaminski on ITEL Radio – 10.26.13


John Kaminski returned for the first time since his epic performance that resulted in apparent Jewish supremacist monitors forcing Inside the Eye – Live! off of Talkstream Live. John interview (as usual) has been very well received.

police raise cage kids

There was a couple “human interest” stories revealed at the beginning of the interview that provided some insights regarding Fetch and Kaminski. A discussion about “prepping ensued” turning into a reflection on the loss of quality of service within from the corporate world. John’s opinion is that the social structure and organization within the United States is in such a state of decay that it is merely a matter of time until the America experiences some form of accelerated implosion.

The World Series, Obamacare as a macro political fund raising tactic, Sandy Hook cover-up, among other story lines filled the rest of the first half hour.

The Jewish Takeover of America


The second half hour was filled with some of John’s (and Fetch’s) specialty, or highlighting Jewish control within historical, political, global, and economic fields. What is rarely known is the total Jewish takeover of Weimar Germany and its subsequent fall into rapid decay. This same scenario we are witnessing in the West with a highly visible decay within the United States.

Hostage swaps in Syria, Saudi foreign policy mirroring Israeli foreign policy, among other topics filled out a second half hour.

News and additional conversation filled listener calls filled out a very entertaining interview and show.

You can hear the interview portion here:

The full show can be heard here:

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