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John Kaminski on ITEL Radio – 3.29.14

John Kaminski, long time Internet essayist and contributor to The was a guest on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, March 29, 2014. John is a long time guest now on Inside the Eye – Live! and proved to be a solid two hours of insightful, informative, and entertaining conversation.

MH370 – Theories Fitting of a Tonight’s Show Top 10


The continuing story of the presumed to be missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 was broached with John Kaminski providing a rundown on some of the latest theories regarding the real story of just what happened to the presumed flight MH370. We say “presumed” because one of the theories suggests that Flight MH370 was not a flight at all but rather is a media concocted false news event of the kind that is often used by Jewish controlled media in the United States. Other theories include the theft of the plane and flying same to the US torture/interrogation facility of Diego Garcia in the West Indian ocean, to some rather fascinating ideas that found the aircraft being turned away by Dutch air defense aircraft.

It is not exactly certain how the aircraft had enough fuel to reach Holland, or wherever the aircraft was supposed to have been intercepted, but in the world of conspiracy weaving, reality need not match the imaginations of the weaver. The aircraft could have been received more fuel than normally required for a flight to Beijing, but you would think that such an instance would be easy enough for investigators to ascertain.

However, as seems the case in these mysteries, investigators tend to not be very good at really doing a real investigation, thus leaving the stories open ended and subject to speculation and conspiracy theorizing.

It makes one wonder why it is that various people operating under the aegis of “government” are working hand in hand with their lackeys in the Jewish controlled media to insult the idea of “conspiracy theories” when the outcomes of their actions can only lead to “conspiracy theorizing”.

Sandy Hook and the Alternative Media


Another main theme of the interview was a discussion of the Sandy Hook apparent false news story. In this segment, we discussed the emergence of Wolfgang Halbig as a dissenting voice on the Jewish controlled media story surrounding Sandy Hook and various efforts by those in the alternative media such as Deanna Spingola, Mark Glenn, Michael Collins Piper and others to put forward arguments in support of the Jewish controlled media storyline regarding Sandy Hook.

John Kaminski covered numerous issues within this storyline.

Jewish Control of Reality and the New World Order

In all, the show provided a wide array of topics filled with meaningful and entertaining conversation. Attitudinal changes in the general population, the inability to reach the general public on issues of conceptual concern, were but a couple of the issues discussed.

The real problem lies, as John discussed, in Jewish control of “reality” – from altered histories to Jewish control of medicine, Jewish control of the education system, to name but a few.

To catch the entire show, you can listen here:

You can hear the edited outtake of the John Kaminski interview here:

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