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Jordan’s Declaration of War on Da’esh – Inside the Eye – Live! – 2.7.15

Another week, another made for media event brought to you by the purveyors of Chaos. It seems that not a week goes by that we are not treated to a made for TV “terror event” proudly portrayed upon the impressionable minds of the gullible masses.

This week: Jordanian Air Force Pilot Lt. Muath al-Kasasbeh Burned Alive!


The story of Lt. Muath Al-Kasasbeh has gripped Jordan, igniting a patriotic fervor and support for the already popular King Abdullah II. Whether the made for TV media really happened or not – for after all it is “purported” – is for the individual to decide.

What is clear, however, is the pattern of “media driven events” being used to justify political aims. We see this pattern ALL THE TIME. 9-11, Aurora, CO., Britain’s “7-7-7”, “Boston Marathon Bombing”, “Sandy Hook”, all come immediately to mind.

Those who are intellectually challenged, or perhaps simply childishly naive, will see a conspiracy theorist lurking behind every doubt and skepticism, but aside from the dangers such people pose as “franchised citizens”, belief remains the domain of the individual, and our Western ideals of “free speech” and “free flow of ideas”, tenuously protects “intellectual dissent”.

Hence rather than focus on the whether the purported “made for TV terror event” is a “false flag” or “staged event” – as so many seem to be nowadays, we should immediately focus forward and measure the direction and tone of the changing political winds.

Jordan Declares War on “the Islamic State”


We cannot presume that leaders around the world are necessarily a direct participant in any given “conspiracy”. People the world over are generally trusting, and for the dark energy that operates through Jewish controlled media, many very bright and intelligent people are “taken in” by the images and sound bites they are fed through “media”.

A case in point: 9-11.

How many otherwise rational and exceptionally bright people do you know really believe the ludicrous maccabre fairy tale called “9-11” as it has been spun and sold so tirelessly within Jewish controlled media?

The point here is to not read too much into every “conspiracy theory” as put forward. All of the various theories, for that is what they are, should certainly be considered on their own merit, but also be aware that these forces of deception are exceedingly cunning and effective.

With that caveat in hand, the political reality in the Middle East is that there exists a tangible fear at the street level, and a genuine loathing for the methods and madness of “the Islamic State”.

People genuinely place confidence, support, and trust in their countries security forces to keep their countries secure from the scourge that is “the Islamic State”, even as they believe as their media tells them that “Bashar Assad” must “go”.

Cognitive dissonance can be astounding at times.

The result of the made for television “terror event” was predictable: support in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to wage war against “Da’esh” is at an absolute majority. Offers of regional assistance to Jordan immediately began to open. Hawks in the United States government called for “speeding up aid to Jordan” so Jordan can should more of the burden of fighting a war that does not really seem to have any strategy, end game, goal, or strategy.

Just “bomb”.

And that is precisely what King Abdullah II of Jordan announced. More bombing.

Said King Abdullah II of Jordan, whose profile is now being raised to being called “The Warrior King”, a term quite frankly in 8 years living in Jordan I ever heard ushered, stated that Jordan would pursue the Islamic State until
Jordan’s military runs “out of fuel and bullets”.

Practical Implications of the “Made for TV Terror Event”


Some of the practical implications of the “made for TV terror event” include:

  • The UAE had ceased all combat operations at the end of December, citing among other factors, a lack of combat search and rescue capabilities by the United States in the region.  These missions will be restarted, except now a squadron of UAE F-16’s will be based in Jordan and will fly combat missions from Jordan
  • US Foreign Aid to Jordan has been increased from US$660 million to US$1 billion (subject to Congressional approval)
  • Jordan has begun increasing targeting and combat sorties against “the Islamic State” in Syria
  • Gulf Countries, for which Jordan is reliant upon for support, have expressed further support for Jordan

Although the United States continues to fly nearly 80% of all missions against the Islamic State, we can expect to see Jordan take a measurable percentage increase in the percentage of sorties flown against “the Islamic State”.

But what, exactly, is ‘the Islamic State’?”


With all the money that is spent on “intelligence operations” in “the West”, you would think that we (the people) would know precisely who and what is “the Islamic State”. There are so many questions raised that on the fact of it, show that Western intelligence services are total ignoramuses.

For instance, we are told in the press (an extension of Western intelligence services) that xyz “Islamic Militants” are migrating from Syria to Afghanistan.

How on Earth are these people “getting out of Syria” and “re-appearing in Afghanistan”?

Do the Islamic State personnel have their own tele-transporters that are beyond the capability of US and Western intelligence to hack into? Or do these “fighters” board airplanes like the rest of us and travel from point A to point B?

And what about Visa’s? Visa extensions? Overstay in entry point countries beyond Visa allowances, and so forth?

And where are the supplies coming from seeing how the “Islamic State” is nothing but a gang of extremely primitive thugs?

The answers, or lack thereof, point to the Islamic State being a mercenary arm of Western entities. Financing, munitions, logistics: all have to be factored into the equation when we consider that the Islamic State consists of many tens of thousands of fighters.

The Islamic State, behaviorally, appears to be an extension of Jewish culture and society. The Islamic State exhibits all the primitive barbarism that is a hallmark of the Jewish state and Jewish polito-religious philosophy that cheapens human life to a most primitive state of existence.

Many of the barbaric actions we hear about regarding the Islamic State – like “stoning adulterers to death”, are straight out of Jewish Culture 101. “Beheadings” is bragged about as the preferred method of execution in Jewish “Noahide Law”.

Worse, we see literal collaboration between Jews and the Islamic State along the Syrian-Israeli border.

The Israeli military has been in direct contact with Syrian rebels for more than 18 months, facilitating the treatment of wounded fighters and at times exchanging parcels and ushering uninjured Syrians into Israel, according to UN reports.
The quarterly reports bolster speculation over the past year that Israel’s humanitarian assistance to more than 1,000 wounded Syrians had also opened a channel of communication with Syrian rebels.

In the most recent report, from December 1, UNDOF stated that it observed soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) allowing two individuals to pass from the “Bravo” line – the Syrian side – to the “Alpha” line on the Israeli side. It added, “UNDOF sporadically observed armed members of the opposition interacting with IDF across the ceasefire line in the vicinity of United Nations position 85.”

Position 85 is located about 15 miles south of Quneitra and away from any Israeli population centers. It appears to have been a key crossing point for wounded Syrians seeking treatment in Israel. According to the eight previous UNDOF reports, covering the past two years, Syrian rebels often were the ones to hand over the wounded and receive them after treatment.

Even rabbis in Israel are openly admitting that “Isis” and Israel have a synergistic alliance.

Israel Rabbi Tere Bin Etsi : #IslamicState is a blessing for #Israel

All of this makes you wonder just why, after hitting “Islamic State” targets since Sept. of 2014, has the United States and its coalition essentially failed to show any real changes on the ground?

Perhaps, as it is rumored, the United States is really not doing anything and is simply burning money to keep a few pilots and spare parts distributors working in the maintenance depot.

You can hear about all of this, plus updates on Ukraine, as well as an interview with “Zezorro” (hour 3) from Zezorro.blogspot here;

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