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Ken O’ Okeefe – ITEL- 6.9.18

Ken O’ Keefe, a former US Marine who would later go on to rescind his US citizenship and who now is heavily involved in advocating for Palestinian rights, joined Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, June 9, 2018.

Ken O’ Keefe’s work can be found at his website, World Citizen.

This interview proved to be quite entertaining, blending some “human interest” with current circumstances and future plans that revealed a small part of the personal side of Ken including his love for surfing and marine conservation.  Ken went on to reveal his personal experience while aboard the Mavi Mara, a ship that was headed to Palestine and attacked by Jewish naval commandos.  In this event, Ken revealed how some of the autopsy information on some of the killed activists proved that Jews simply executed the activists on board the ship.

The event was not questioned nor pressed by the US government, even as Jews killed a US citizen.

The ongoing tragedy that is Gaza was also discussed, as well as the “Greater Israel Project”, the lunatic plan of Jews to create an Israel that stretches from the Euphrates in the N, out into most of Iraq, virtually all of Jordan, parts of northern Saudi Arabia, and down into the Sinai and the Nile River.

The need for peoples of the world, in a national ethnic context, to protect their sovereign borders and national identities while uniting against a rootless and ruthless international financial elite closed the show.

The reality that humanity is nearly universally under a “mind control” spell is a key factor in forestalling a positive awakening for humanity, but Ken argues that people, nonetheless, are awakening and that this awakening is leading to a “morphic resonance” that will shatter the crafted fake reality that Jewish media and financial elites have crafted for mankind.

A nice interview with some really good vibes from two of the more seasoned and positive personalities in the alternative media.

Inside the Eye – Live! Interview – Ken O’ Keefe – 6.9.18

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