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Kevin MacDonald, Editor in Chief of The Occidental Observer on ITEL Radio – 7.18.15

Kevin MacDonald, Editor in Chief of The Occidental Observer, joined Inside the Eye – Live! in hour number 3 to discuss some of the latest developments in race relations, White centric political interests, and the larger issue of an assault on Western Civilization.

Trump “Trumps” the GOP


We began the discussion by peering into the surprising level of support Donald Trump, the American real estate magnate, has accomplished by raising the race and immigration. What is, perhaps, encouraging, is the fact that Donald Trump has raised issues that are resonating with America’s still White majority. No other candidates are discussing the issue of immigration and the dangers that accompany the virtual open border illegal immigration flows pouring into the United States.

The Assault on Traditional (Historical) Symbols and Society


Kevin discussed serious issues about the assault on traditional and historical symbols in what appears to be a deliberate attempt to deny the “White” foundations of the United States. From demands to “take down the Confederate flag”, to assaults and bans on traditional Christian symbols as well as calls to rename schools and other landmarks.

America seems to have undergone a dual coup d’etat.

At the upper levels, America has largely been taken over by the Jewish organizations. Jews even brag openly about how Jews run America and the Americans know it. A second, equally insidious coup d’etat has been effected by the LGBT cultural Marxists who seem quite intent on smashing anyone and everyone who gets in the way of their agenda.

The result is that even the very traditional rules and understandings that governed the relationship between men and women, a group that are by far and away the majority on Earth.

Russia (and Eastern Europe) as Vanguards of Western Civilization


Another interesting bit of conversation revolved around Putin, Russia’s disconnect from Western “neo-liberalism” and how Russia, and perhaps parts of Central and Eastern Europe, are proving to be stabilizing geopolitical bulwarks against the idea of massive and unbridled forced assimilation and immigration.

The reality is that the current wave of immigrants are not builders. They do not truly, en masse, possess the necessary education to contribute to the host countries they are settling into. This means that countries will be required to provide for these people through social programs, which necessarily weakens the social strength of the host countries.

In Russia, from Putin on down, the rule has been laid down that Russia will not tolerate demands made by immigrants on the Russian people. This squares in near opposite to everything being practiced and implemented in “the West”.

The result is that Putin’s Russia is proving to be a far more effective preserver of traditional Western ideals and values whereas the traditional West has become a bastion of Jewish degeneracy that mocks and destroys traditional Western ideals that celebrated individualism and self sufficiency.

The Bomb Iran Crowd and Israel’s Control of The West


Another fascinating bit of discussion revolved around the real issues of Israel and the P5+1 Iranian Nuclear Deal, a deal which effectively has removed a military option relative to “solving” Iranian usage and development of nuclear power.

The fact that Jewish groups are so opposed to the P5+1 Iranian nuclear deal is not so much that Israel really cared about the nuclear weapons potential, but more importantly, Israel has always sought to weaken and strangle Tehran to the point of choking off any ability for Iran to provide foreign aid assistance to groups much closer to Israel’s border in the likes of Syria and Hezbollah.

Yet what Americans and others must at some point come to understand: the world is changing. The United States has bombed away most of its good will and prestige and the petulant nature of Jews to use money as a political weapon has resulted in a repulsive attitude toward America and “the West” .

Consequently, the world is moving to institutions and organizations where reliance on American banking and financial assets is shunned as these have proven to be geopolitical tools in the hands of America’s Jewish leadership.

You can hear this very relaxing and enjoyable interview/discussion, here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Kevin MacDonald – 7.18.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for 7.18.15 – Wrap-up


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