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Kevin MacDonald – Lessons from Charlottesville – ITEL Radio – 9.2.17

Kevin MacDonald, Editor in Chief of The Occidental Observer, returned to Inside the Eye – Live on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017.  Kevin appeared in hour number 3.

The discussion largely revolved around what was widely seen as a victory for hostile Jewish elite that is running the United States as they seek to shut down any and all rising nationalist sentiments in the United States.  At the forefront of the discussion was the recent Unite the Right rally that was permitted and scheduled to run in the middle of August but which was brutally crushed by the city of Charlottesville and the state of Virginia when “Antifa” protesters who were, according to some independent Youtube videos, bused in.

Even though the Charlottesville was a clear victory for Jewish power in America, the defeat presented valuable information at the operational depth and deception of the now political opposition.  From complicit police forces who actively “stand down”, or worse, herd Nationalists into running a waiting gauntlet of Antifa paramilary units, to a clear recognition that this hostile Jewish elite is doing an end run around Constitutional protections on free speech through the use of abuse of monopolistic power of digital social media and financial platforms, the entrenched enemy of the United States has, and continues to unveil, its operational strategy and absolute contempt for political aspirations of nationalist Americans.

An admonition: do not underestimate that literal contempt and loathing for Americans that is entrenched in the establishments institutional structures.  The war against Western civilization will not be won with a single battle, and it will not be lost with a single event.  Some defeats from over-reaching, but have the more important effect of drawing out your enemy.

That was Charlottesville.

Immigration, stalled POTUS Trump initiatives, dangers of even heavier handed actions by hostile Jewish media and technology companies all featured in this fast paced discussion.

ITEL Radio Interview – Kevin MacDonald – 9.2.17

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