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Kevin MacDonald on ITEL Radio – 12.12.15

Kevin MacDonald, Editor in Chief of The Occidental Observer, was a guest on Inside the Eye – Live! Items of discussion included the National Front and French Elections, rising nationalists in Europe (France and Sweden), failures of Jewish foreign policy, Donald Trump, and much more. The interview was interrupted early by some technical issues, but got along well and lasted for a little over an hour of real talk time.

Marie Le Pen and the National Front of France


One of the key stories discussed was the continuing rise of European nationalist parties. With Marine Le Pen of the National Front winning the first round of elections the week before, we discussed the pending regional elections in France (Sun, Dec 13, 2015) which ultimately saw the National Front finish a strong second behind the Conservatives, a voting result brought about by the withdrawal of Prime Minister Hollande’s party and an urging of Socialist voters to support the Conservatives.

We also discussed the reality that Sweden has reached its topping point for immigration and cannot go on accepting any further immigration.

In Sweden, the leading nationalist party is the Swedish Democrats, but this party has yet to gain more than 20% of the vote.

Both France and Sweden, if they fail to begin a process of repatriation of non native populations, then these countries will find themselves being completely lost within 50 years.

The Trump Phenomena


On the US domestic front, the Trump “phenomena” was discussed. Many angles are prevalent within the Trump narrative. For one, Trump is popular and his numbers are growing. He is tapping into a very real and sub-surface resentment. Although Trump says lots of the right things that makes him palatable to Jewish people, Trump’s anti-immigration stance is infuriating mainstream Jewish groups.

On foreign policy, Trump has not bought into, and indeed has stood opposed to, Jewish foreign policy initiatives. In nearly every case, Jewish foreign policy has been a total failure for the United States and the peoples of these countries who have been victimized by Jewish failure.

Immigration as a Jewish Strategy


Immigration as a Jewish strategic interest, its costs and corrosive, destructive effects on Western civilization, was another underlying theme. A recent letter signed by “1000 rabbis” calling for more immigration to the United States runs glaringly counter to a united front by Jewish groups to keep “Israel Jewish”.

More on this issue hints that lines are being drawn and immigration is a litmus test.

On immigration, and political correctness, Trump has proven to have struck a nerve and a chord among the American people at a mass level that has been kept under a lid but kept on life support by shows like “Inside the Eye – Live!

A good interview for fans of Kevin MacDonald. You can listen to it here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Kevin MacDonald – 12.12.15

The first hour included information on Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, gun sales in the United States. You can [listen/download here].