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KSCO – The Arrogance of Jewish Owned Media – 9.23.17

Over the years, we have heard time and time again that Jewish ownership of American media does not in any way influence the editorial framing of the content that presents itself to the public, that Jews do not even control the media, or that those involved in newsrooms and presenter positions are at all influenced by this Jewish ownership.

Well, this latest show highlights that those who try to undersell the dangers of Jewish media ownership in America are woefully lacking in discerning underlying realities, or, like Alan Dershowitz, willfully misleading and gas lighting the public into believing that there is no real Jewish ownership of the media and stating that there is is the stuff of Hitler and National Socialist Germany.

To those still sitting on the fence regarding this issue, or who have been too afraid or weak kneed to deal with this issue, the latest ramblings by Michael Zwerlick, Jewish owner of KSCO 1080 AM, Santa Cruz, should serve as an in your face eye opener.

In this public service announcement, Zwerlick went on to state that, among other choice bits of content, like a suggestion that there might be an ongoing war on Whites (even as he acknowledges that there is), or that anyone even “breathes a hint” that “the Holocaustâ„¢ is a fake news story, not only would the host responsible for such comments have “committed a capital content crime”, but so too would any callers – with the result that all offending parties to the “capital content crime” would no longer have a voice or ability to participate in KSCO’s talk radio format.

It is clear beyond a shadow of any doubt: Jews muzzle, either overtly or through nuances threats, the ability of Western oriented staff to present counter opinions or narratives to the global narrative put forward by Jewish political, cultural, and economic organizations and institutions.

This show spends quite a bit of time rebutting through analysis and counter-narratives this now out in the open war by Jews against Western civilization, and how their control of media is used to advance the aims of a destruction of Western civilization.

Of course, there is much more to this show and like all shows, this show provides three hours of intelligent media for the politically aware.  You can hear it all here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 9.23.17

Additional Information

KSCO Show – Saturday, 9.23.17 – Jewish owner Michael Zwerlick invited his high priced “consultant/insultant” to discuss the latest whirlwind swirling around his station as he demands obedience to airing purely (fake news) Jewish interests.  Listen carefully as you hear how a “Jewish consultant” works to frame the argument that Jews have “every right to demand editorial obedience” from their employees.

Then tell us that Jews do not have influence in the media and that this influence is indeed NOT toxic, as it clearly is.  Insultant “Fischer” is clearly a racial supremacist, anti-White Jew.  Remember that this person apparently is a consultant and hence influences more than a single radio station.

Great insights into the nature of how Jews view their ability to control reality through the programming they put forward to “the Goyim”.

Link here: September 23 airing

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