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Lady Michele Renouf on Inside the Eye – Live! – 2.25.17

Lady Mich̬le Renouf, former model and advertising professional, filmmaker, and advocate for Western values joined Inside the Eye РLive! for an hour and half of delightful, entertaining conversation. The interview began with Lady Mich̬le discussing her thoughts on media, advertising, and the selling of ideas using principles perfected by the craft of advertising.

Lady Michèle discussed the formation of her ideas regarding the selling of Jewish totalitarianism from her days teaching at the university where she was one of the first to introduce the idea of “media analysis studies”. Recent news that the ZOG of London/UK is funding an advertising campaign the tune of some £60 million to combat the rise of awareness in the UK was but one aspect of this area of discussion.

Another point of discussion was that of the “Holohoaxâ„¢”, and the idea that all knowledge goes through revisionism as advances in measurement and research take hold.  Yet when it comes to Jews and their Holohoaxâ„¢, no amount of logic or reason is allowed to enter into the discussion.

Blind faith (being idiots) seems to be what Jews demand of the West when it comes to their Holohoaxâ„¢ and other manufactured “facts” and “worldviews”.

Of particular interest was the introduction of a Jewish autonomous zone located in the far S. Western area of Russia called Birobidjan, an area about the size of Switzerland within which Jews have been able to leave peacefully since 1928.  More on this project may be found at Lady Renouf’s site, Jewish

Jews as the Ultimate Predators

Of particular interest to many Inside the Eye – Live! listeners was the discussion about Judaism and Jewish culture being largely a predatory project and the methods through which such predatory behavior is witnessed.

You can hear the entire interview here:

ITEL Radio Interview РLady Mich̬le Renouf Р2.25.17

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