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Lady Renouf and the Dresden Bombing Commemoration – ITEL – 3.24.18

Lady Mich̬le Renouf, a human rights activist and longtime advocate for historical truth, appeared on Inside the Eye РLive! on Saturday, March 24, 2018 to discuss the recent Dresden Bombing Memorial where she was detained by German authorities after making an impromptu speech at the event.

Said Paul Fromm regarding the event,

In Dresden, Germany on 17 February 2018, German Nationalists held a public demonstration to mark and to mourn the victims of the Allied (British) bombing of that defenseless city. I was present to speak at the rally, but unfortunately the Police closed the rally down before I had a chance to speak. You may know already that my friend, Lady Mich̬le Renouf, was arrested at the rally. Рsource

The desperation of Jews to maintain their hold on their abuse and misuse of our language was evidenced in a statement made by a Jewess while Lady Michèle, when it was heard,

Lady Michele told CAFE: “I left the Jews out of my comments. When I was in the police car, the police woman claimed I told her: ‘The Jews were gassed but that was not a holocaust.’ I never said any such thing. That is one of the accusations against me.” – source

Dresden, along with Japanese cities as Tokyo (firebombings), Nagasaki, and Hiroshima (Japanese Christian cities), as well as 16 other German cities, were truly the main cities that suffered “holocausts”, or burnt offerings, apparently to Jews and their god.

When one considers the war crimes of the Allies in conducting their bombing campaigns, it becomes abundantly clear that the word “holocaust” has been culturally appropriated by Jews in a manner that abuses our language and our sensibilities.

Lady Michele Renouf, with Dresden Bombing Memorial, moments before being detained by German authorities. The event organize is far left.

The interview proved to be quite a passionate hour as the discussion weaved in and out of very important contemporary subjects such as the Orwellian nature of current Western governments, the failure of popular (promoted) activists as Tommy Robinson, the founder of the English Defense League to focus on the political dynamics currently destroying the West (Jewish political domination), as well as an update on the current detention of Monika Shaefer under draconian laws designed to enforce a Jewish historical narrative on not just Germans, but on Western civilization in general.

This interview is worth multiple listens.  You can hear it here.

ITEL Radio Interview РLady Mich̬le Renouf Р3.24.18

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