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Lee Rogers – Charlottesville Redux, Internet Censorship – ITEL Radio – 9.2.17

Lee Rogers from the currently shuttered (but popular) appeared in Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017. Lee appeared in the second hour of the show. Lee is a long time returning guest to Inside the Eye – Live!, having been a long time colleague of The Fetch when Inside the Eye – Live! was in the Saturday line-up at trail blazing alternative radio channel “Oracle Broadcasting Network” for which Lee Rogers was a co-owner.

In this segment, we discussed Lee’s eyewitness account of his observations while attending the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, VA., in the middle of August, 2017, the subsequent “tech company tyranny” that saw many website either taken down (off the net), hacked, financially impacted through financial terrorism by companies as Paypal (et al), or denied support services such as DDOS protections.

The conversation then moved into on to discuss the need for Nationalists to begin searching for alternative platforms as Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit continue down the road to increasingly totalitarian practices enabled by their monopoly status and how this status must be challenged, to include antitrust lawsuits.

You can hear the entire interview here, including an update on the status of Lee Roger’s website,

ITEL Radio Interview – Lee Rogers – 9.2.17





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