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Lee Rogers – Dawning of the Trump Era – ITEL Radio – 1.28.17

Lee Rogers, the current Editor in Chief of visited Inside the Eye – Live! for an hour and half, filling up hour 2 and half of hour 3 for Saturday, January 28, 2017. Lee Rogers founded, with Doug Owen, the very popular Oracle Broadcasting Network, a pioneer in the alternative media streaming/syndicated broadcasting environment. Lee was also the host of Live Free or Die Radio which aired every weeknight on Oracle Broadcasting.

Lee has made many appearances on Inside the Eye – Live! On Lee’s last appearance, he was heartily endorsing Donald Trump for POTUS, an eventuality that Lee admitted felt pretty rewarding.

In this show, we spoke about the oncoming Trump Presidency, the issues on which Trump 45 appear to benefit America (American first policies), and on where many of us have reservations, which is Trump being (apparently) wholly in bed with Zionists/Likudnik/Israeli-firsters.

Immigration, media, foreign policy: lots of topics covered in this special hour and half appearance. A fun listen.

ITEL Radio Interview – Lee Rogers – 1.28.17