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Lee Rogers, Former Host, Live Free or Die Radio on ITEL, Jan 5, 2013

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To start off the year 2013, we bring on the popular “former” host Lee Rogers of Live Free or Die Radio, “the most dangerous talk show in America”, on January 5. Lee Rogers spent 5 years behind the mic and is a founder, alongside Doug Owen, of the Oracle Broadcasting Network.

Topics of discussion will include the history of alternative radio broadcasting, the state of Oracle Broadcasting Network, his recent retirement, among much more.

So join us for a fantastic and insightful 3 hours on Inside the Eye – Live!, Intelligent Media for the Politically Aware!

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Show Wrap-Up

Lee’s recent retirement from behind the mic at the Oracle Broadcasting Network was an early topic. 400 live listeners, 100 live chat in the chat room, record number of phone calls proved to be a gratifying experience.

We discussed some of the early history of streaming radio, the formation of Oracle Broadcasting Network, the programming direction of Oracle Broadcasting Network, and the state of the current management of the Oracle Broadcasting Network.

Additional points of discussion included some of the more colorful personalities who have been a part of the alternative radio scene. Oracle’s current host “Celtic Rebel” made the list, along with additional notables.

Economics, the American jobs scene, challenges facing the United States, among much more filled out an informative and entertaining show.

You can listen to the show here:

[This audio file is no longer available.]