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Lee Rogers on Inside the Eye – Live! – 4.5.14

Texas Rangers v Houston Astros

Lee Rogers, former host of Live Free or Die, was a guest on Inside the Eye – Live! On April 5, 2014. The interview marked the 1 year anniversary since Oracle Broadcasting silenced its stream (March 31, 2013), as well as the 1 year anniversary of Inside the Eye – Live! Broadcasting on Revolution Radio at Freedom This appeared to be one of the better interviews Lee has given. He seemed quite relaxed and at ease and well versed in the subject matters discussed, which included military disarmament on military bases, coverage of Zionism in the “alternative media”, the recent “Fort Hood shooting”, among quite a few additional subjects. Lee’s interview lasted an hour and half.

The NCAA in the Spotlight


Aside from the Lee Roger’s interview, the show delved into some of the darker realities of the NCAA, an organization likened unto a Jewish “Cheka” totalitarian organization. Parallels were drawn between the current direction within which US (and perhaps other Western) societies are heading and the already total subservience to the State (NCAA) reality that exists in college sports.

The current structure and operating nature of the NCAA is being met with an increasing fusillade of lawsuits as athletes begin to rebel against the draconian nature of the NCAA in regards to its treatment of athletes.
Some of insane decisions of the NCAA were brought into the spotlight, including the NCAA’s subtle insistence on putting policies in place that create conditions where students who lack financial means are being forced into a form of “malnourishment” by way of allowing schools to feed their athletes a total of 3 meals per day and only within the confines of the training facilities. Any attempts by athletes to take food back to their dorms is viewed as an additional benefit befitting of sanctions against the athletes and the schools.

In an environment where athletes can burn upwards of 2500 calories per day, the NCAA insistence on denying food to athletes is a form of nutritional starvation. Worse, the NCAA sanctions schools and destroys students athletic careers, with cases highlighted in the show.


All of these issues are set against a backdrop of the billions of dollars the NCAA is generating in the form of television contracts. Coaches are paid millions and their assistants total pay often reaching a collective parity with the millions that the head coaches make. Hence head coaches, as “CEO’s” of the athletic business that is the individual sport within the larger context of college athletics, are working hand in hand with the NCAA to keep students from earning any revenue from the billions that these same athletes generate.

However, in reality, many coaches really care greatly for their athletes and would like to see their athletes able to live comfortably, including having pocket money within which to support themselves, but as the NCAA is a form of Jewish cheka organization, coaches and their staff “self-report” themselves to the “comrade” Bolshevik NCAA organization.

Nearly an hour of total air time was dedicated to the NCAA.

One Year after Oracle Broadcasting’s Silenced Stream


The first segment of the Lee Roger’s interview delved into the contributions of Oracle Broadcasting to the alternative media landscape. Management issues, technical issues, personality issues, editorial and content issues were but a few of the topics discussed within the show.

Of interest was Oracle’s latter editorial slant where a strong team of hosts chipped away at the Jewish narrative in a manner that was on the leading edge of information awareness. The trail that Oracle Broadcasting blazed is becoming a staple in the alternative media as more and more networks and alternative media hosts have to raise “the Jewish issue” or risk falling into irrelevance.

MH-370, Ukraine, Israel (Jewish) Intransigence


Lee and Fetch discussed many, many topics, including Malaysian Airlines flight MH-370, the Ukraine, and the failed before they started Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Lee provided quite an elegant discourse across a wide array of additional topics.

This was definitely an entertaining and informative show. You can hear the full show here:

You can listen to the Lee Roger’s interview out-take here:

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