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Lee Rogers on ITEL Radio – 7.13.2013


Lee Rogers, former host of Live Free or Die Radio and co-founder of the Oracle Broadcasting Network made a guest appearance on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, July 13, 2013 for what proved to be a rather fun and fast paced conversation that ran across numerous light and serious subjects. After a bit of reminiscing about Oracle Broadcasting as a result of former Oracle Broadcasting host Jason Erb of “Exposing Faux Capitalism” coming to Amman as part of a visit for Ramadan, we moved directly into breaking news and political commentary.

Lee shared some of his recent adventures in California where he climbed Mt. Whitney and promptly had to run down the mountain due to heavy electricity in the air with thunderstorms rolling in across Mt. Whitney’s peak.

Egypt’s Soft Coup – A US$13 Billion Business Proposition


We began the news analysis by discussing the recent coup in Egypt where the Egyptian government was given nearly US$13 billion in assistance, including US$2 billion direct deposit into the Egyptian Central Bank from the Saudi government as well as promises of an additional US$2 billion in gas and oil as part of a US$5 billion plan. The UAE followed with an additional US$3 billion dollar proposal and it is rumored that Kuwait has a back door deal worth nearly US$5 billion.

In the mean time, the United States is mulling delaying or stopping a US$700 million due as part of a larger US$1.3 billion aid package. The assistance from the Gulf will greatly reduce the worries that the United States might stop foreign aid.

A second issue raised was the George Zimmerman trial, a trial that by all logic should be a local issue relative to news coverage, and yet the Zimmerman trial has gotten national headlines.

The NSA and “Ubiquitous Internet”


Of particular interest to Lee and I is the nature of the coming “ubiquitous Internet” and its relation to NSA information gathering technologies. This information, combined with “drones” and advancing “Terminator” technology being created by DARPA, seems to be moving the control grid to a “ubiquitous control” whereby people who are out of favor with a hidden and unaccountable hand can simply be “terminated” with very little fuss or fanfare.

This interview really has too much content to simply summarize with discussions delving into media hoaxes, the alternative media, among much more. Fast paced, fun (and entertaining). A listen is available here:

Lee Rogers on ITEL Radio – 7.13.2013

Alternatively, you can listen to the whole show here or [right click/save as]:

Inside the Eye – Live! – Full Show – 7.13.2013