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Lee Rogers on ITEL Radio – 2.1.14

Lee Rogers, former host of Live Free or Die Radio and frequent contributor to Blacklisted News joined for hour number 2 on Inside the Eye – Live!, Saturday, February 1. The conversation was light, insightful, and covered a variety of topics.

The Rise of the American Police State


To begin the conversation, Lee and The Fetch discussed the difference between police in other parts of the world as compared to police in the United States. Lee’s observations from his travels are that American is rapidly turning and already is a draconian police state.

From the TSA, to SWAT, DEA, regular uniformed police, it is becoming abundantly clear that Americans spend far too much money on “police” and equally give the police far too many powers and laws within which to harass and otherwise oppress the American people.

Even the national publication Newsweek could not escape mentioning the the overbearing presence of the police state with such headlines as “Police State – America’s New Way of Life, with a subtitle of “575 New Laws You Better Obey”.

It becomes a wonder who is behind these growing encroachments against human liberty and the idea of crushing the independence of the human spirit and human enterprise.

Aside from the growing realization of the police in America regressing to the state of “goon squads”, one has to further wonder at what type of individual finds value in oppressing and otherwise being obsessed with controlling the views and behaviors of everyone.

Certainly, such obsessive behavior of those in power is a subject that needs light shed upon same.

Obama – A Fabricated Persona?


A recurring theme is the idea of media fabrications. 9-11 and Sandy Hook remain a couple of the more obvious recent media fabrications. Of course, you can add in “The Holocaust (TM)”, the Moon Landings and who knows what else might be added to the list.

Included in the discussion was the Space Program, the lunar and Mars landings, to name but a couple.

Indeed, the conversation was quite varied and covered areas not normally covered by Lee and The Fetch, making for an entertaining hour of entertainment.

You can catch the entire interview here:

Lee Rogers Interview – 2.1.14

Or you can catch the entire show, including a half hour discussion with Clayton Douglas from The Free American Radio Show.

ITEL Radio Full Show – 2.1.14

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