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Inside the Eye – Live! maintains one of the more active, informative, and entertaining chatrooms in all of alternative media. Guests gather from around the world to catch up on the latest news and views. Whether you wish to participate or follow along during the show, you will be sure to gain valuable information that cuts through the information white out.[two_third][/two_third]

General Rules:

a) Hasbarat activities are strictly censured
b) Trolling or favorable references to trolling groups are strictly censured
c) Express yourselves freely but show “IRL” courtesies

Yours truly,

Troll Slayer

Access lines to participate on air:

Direct Line: +1-323-275-1314
Skype: freedomscreen

Disclaimer: This chat room is provided for entertainment and educational purposes of the listening audience of Inside the Eye – Live!. The comments and views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of Revolution Radio, Inside the Eye – Live,, or any of the sponsors, hosts of Revolution Radio, or the host of Inside the Eye – Live!